The sky is raining the earth with worms and insects.. A terrifying video


Horror and disgusting scenes at the same time, thousands of white worms appear as rain “falling” from the sky and covering the road with a thick layer of insects in India.

Worms descended like confetti in a lightning spectacle and landed on the ground in Bihar, an eastern Indian state that borders Nepal, on Tuesday.

These scenes were the most recent video that was circulated on social networking sites and garnered millions of views.

Unidentified insects were seen filling the road and left the locals in shock, while many closed their doors for fear of the terrifying scene, and it was not known what caused the worms to fall or if they were actually worms.

And local media in India reported that no one was harmed in the disgusting incident, and it is not the first time that worm-like creatures have appeared raining from the sky.


Botany experts revealed that what was seen may be the so-called “worm raindrops”, which were most likely “leaves” of a type of “poplar” tree growing in the area, resembling caterpillars, or as sinuous, worm-like structures.

And this was not the first time that such a strange and terrifying phenomenon had occurred, as thousands of living earthworms fell from the sky in a rare phenomenon across vast areas of the south of the country.

Liaoning Province in China also witnessed a similar incident last March that showed what appeared to be earthworms falling from the sky. Residents were later warned to carry umbrellas to protect themselves from the worms falling on them. Streets.

In Australia, remote areas also witnessed shocking scenes after small live fish began to fall from the sky, and scientists explained this strange phenomenon that monsoons are likely to be caused by strong storms, such as hurricanes, and they can carry small creatures and drop them in other places.



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