“It stresses her out, and she has every reason to be stressed about it”

“It stresses her out, and she has every reason to be stressed about it”
“It stresses her out, and she has every reason to be stressed about it”

The excitement for the Eurovision final is mixed with concern regarding the security situation in Israel. Noa Kirel, who gave a crazy performance in the semi-finals and swept the Europeans after her, is currently in a difficult situation. Will the security tensions affect the Eurovision final? The parents Amir and Ilana Kirel shared tonight on “Ofira and Berkowitz” about the pressures and preparations for the final

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| Published 12/05/23 19:47

Photo: From Ofira and Berkovich, Keshet 12

Noa Kirel burned the stage in the Eurovision semi-finals. Her phenomenal performance drove the audience crazy and earned her a ticket to the grand finale that will take place this coming Saturday. All this took place in the background of the security tensions and the “Shield and Arrow” operation, when outside the hall pro-Palestinian demonstrators called for Israel to be excluded from the Eurovision Song Contest.

After qualifying for the finals, Noa gave a strengthening message to the people of Israel, and shared about the difficulty of performing on the big stage when everyone in the country is in shelters. Tonight on “Ofira and Berkovich” the parents Amir and Ilana Kirel shared about the tension and preparations for the final.

Is the security situation stressing Noa ahead of the performance in the final?
“I’m sure it stresses her out, and she has every reason to be stressed about it both out of love for the people of Israel and because of the influence on the judges, they have fifty percent of the votes.”


Ilana, you are a special mother, you moved your whole life for Noa. how excited are you
“It’s crazy what’s going on here, the experience we had here. We accompany Noa in all her performances, and experiencing something like this is just crazy.”

Amir, do you feel that Eurovision will be a springboard for Noa’s career?
“I feel that this is another big thing that she is doing, it is definitely part of a sequence of things. Everything was done by Roberto, Noa’s agent, in a very calculated way. It is also part of his system of considerations to lead Noa’s career to other places.”

What happened behind the scenes after the semi-final performance?
“We went crazy there, we whipped and screamed. It was crazy excitement, we never experienced it in any other experience. It was the most exciting it could be.”

As parents, what do you say to a child before she goes on stage at the Eurovision final with all of Europe watching her?
“She did her part by advancing to the final, beyond that there are many things we have less control over. She is determined to win.”

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