Status Info: Everything you missed in Lag BaOmer and last week


As part of the official documentation system of the Hashabi revelry in Meron, the Chabad photographers were observed Dov Ber Hechtman and Mandy Dahnalong with the media person Issachar Zalmanovitz and additional photographers in the moments before the start of the celebration.

The media person and network anchor Daniel Amramarrived at Beit Hainu-770, on the occasion of the website editor’s birthday Abraham Eisensteinwhen after saying a heartfelt ‘La Chaim’ he joined a Hasidic meeting with the innocent.

Photo: R. Bolton

The singer too Aaron Sitbon From Beitar Elit who dropped by this week to visit Beit Hainu-770, we saw in prayer in the Menin of the Rebbe King of the Messiah.

On the day of his daughter’s wedding, former defense minister MK Benny Gantz He puts on tefillin and prays the morning dawn prayer with his friend the rabbi Nahum Cohen in his neighborhood in Rosh Ha’Ain.

The rabbi’s messenger, the King of the Messiah, to Ra’anana, the rabbi Moshe Cohenand his son the Daniel, They were seen in the main procession of LG Ba’omer in Ra’anana, together with the mayor Mr Life in RodiaDeputy Mayor Haim Godelmanand the circus artist Jonathan Rusk.

sanctification of the name: during a performance by the famous artist David Haim In the procession of LJ B’Omer in Beit Shean, we saw the rabbi’s messengers Hello Ber Shamolwitz and the rabbi Shmuel Reinitzentitles him to put on tefillin.

Just before he appeared in front of thousands of children in the Lag B’Omer procession invested in Kiryat Yuval, the children’s star “The Confused Jubilee” Watched with the messenger to the neighborhood rabbi Yossi Elgazi and his son the director of activities Rabbi Mendi Elgazi.

The popular broadcaster Ami Maimonwill be seen this week in mourning with the world singer Jacob Shwekeywho sits seven after his mother’s death.

Chabad producer R. Avrami Oren – The director of the ‘Oran Media’ company, was seen this week in a selfie with the mayor of Safed Mr Ohana markets.

Chairman of Chabad mobility and the Tsavat H’e youth movement in the HaK Rabbi David Nachshonwas seen walking along with hundreds of children in the procession of LJ B’Omer in the Galilee landscape, along with his son R. Moses – Director of the technical department at Chabad Mobility.

In the presence of many residents: The rabbi Isaiah Herzl – The rabbi of Nof HaGilil, during the lighting ceremony in the central synagogue in the city of Bela’g B’Omer.

The apostle Mivnel Rabbi Shimon Schneersonwas observed this week at the Hashabi celebration in Miron alongside dozens of volunteers from the MDA organization, who came to lend a helping hand during the celebration.

The view of the Galilee: The director general of the municipality Adi Malka This week he arrived at the Chabad Synagogue in the center of the city, to go to the Torah and read the name of the daughter who was born. Congratulations!


At the central lighting ceremony in the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood Har Yona C, the member of the Chabad city council was honored Menachem Gandel In the light, in thanks for the great assistance he provides to all the communities in the Galilee landscape.

The rabbi of Ukraine met this week Moshe Asman with the former British Prime Minister Boris Johnsonwho conveyed the message to him on behalf of the Ukrainian government: “It is forbidden to reach a ceasefire in the war with Russia, there must be a victory for Ukraine.”

The rabbi Yoram UllmanRabbi of Sydney Australia and the great Chabad rabbis, in a long Torah meeting with the rabbi Borura HaGaon David Joseph – Head of the ‘Yhava Da’at’ and a member of the Council of Torah Sages of Shas.

In the eye of the lens: Minister of Technology Ofir Akunis Returning from a successful expedition from Rome, he was seen on his way back to the Holy Land placing a tefillin with one of the Rebbe’s deliveries to the place.

Preparation for the giant procession in the Migdal settlement of the Rabbi Rabbi Shmuel Grozman together with a company Colors Productions who have been producing the spectacular procession in Israel for several years. Cell phone photo: Haim Toito

The Rebbe’s messenger on Sderot HaRab Asher Pism Watched with a Channel 12 reporter Tamir Steinmanwho arrived in the area to survey the security situation.

Members of the board of the Chabad community in Lod R. Haim Galinsky and R. Yossi Levitinwere seen this week during the parade event that took place with the participation of thousands of parents and children from the National Academy of Sciences, with great pomp and splendor on the occasion of the Year of the Audience.

This week at the largest European wedding of families of the Sheluchim families faculty-salmon, the groom’s uncles were observed; Chabad media person R. Shimi Segaleducationist from Beitar Elit R. Dobi Segalthe groom, the groom’s father, the apostle in Poltava Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak.

The mayor of Lod, Adv Yair Rabivo Benihum mourns at the Hadad family in Kfar Chabad, which sits ‘Seva’ after the rabbi Menashe Hadad Zal, who for decades ran the Talmud Torah and the Chabad yeshiva in the city. Rabivo shared with the brothers and sons about his decision to commemorate and name the new classroom building that will be built for the welfare of the yeshiva students, in the name of the deceased.

The Chabad travel agent and director of the marketing and advertising department on the Chabad Info website Shneor Eliaswill be seen this week in a visit to Beit Hainu-770, in a conversation with the editor of the site Abraham Eisenstein.

With the participation of the commander of the Ukrainian border guard: the Jewish convoy of kindness occupied the capital Kyiv in honor of LG Ba’omer. Rabbi Yossi Assman The rabbi’s deliveries in Kiev and the chief rabbi’s son, conducted a tour of the Jewish community’s ‘Tank HaMitzow’ Colonel Dainenko He was very impressed by the humanitarian activity of the Jewish community.



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