Immediately receive the frequency of the new National Geographic Abu Dhabi channel 2023


The frequency of the National Geographic ChannelOne of the old channels that present wonderful documentaries that deal with the world of animals and plants and the presence in the forests and how to deal with these situations, but now the National Geographic Abu Dhabi channel has been launched in the Arabic language, which is shown to all countries that speak the Arabic language, in order to make it easier for the followers to look forward to this. We all know the frequency of the channel through which it is downloaded for free on Arab TV, and this is what we will explain now through these upcoming paragraphs

The frequency of the National Geographic Channel, Abu Dhabi

To download the National Geographic Abu Dhabi channel, you must know its new frequency, and this frequency is not encrypted and is available to all Arabs, but to all countries of the world on the Nilesat satellite, and this frequency is as follows

indecision polarization coding rate error coefficient
11411 Horizontal 30,000 3/4

National Geographic Channel Abu Dhabi

This channel has many things related to it that distinguish it from other channels, as it is unique in terms of the content shown in it and from it

  • The channel is free and available to everyone and works without a monthly or weekly subscription.
  • It is available to everyone, as it displays the various documentary contents that adults and children prefer.
  • It works throughout the day showing documentaries and discovering facts without long advertisements.
  • Available on Nilesat and Arabsat satellites with high signal quality.
  • Distinguished by clear picture and sound quality without distortion.
  • Followers learned how to handle animals and trees in the forest.

channel reception method

To receive the channel on the Nilesat or Arabsat satellites, you must adhere to the relevant steps, which are:

  • Entering the TV menu using the remote control.
  • Clicking on the installation field from the available main menu available on the screen at the bottom.
  • Choose to add a new channel on TV and choose the Nilesat satellite.
  • Write all the information about the frequency in the boxes provided for it.
  • Click on Search and wait for the channel to be found.
  • Download the channel and press OK to continue watching.



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