French sources confirm: Messi moves to Saudi Arabia with a huge contract


Press reports revealed that Argentine star Lionel Messi, a professional in the ranks of Paris Saint-Germain, is close to moving to the ranks of a Saudi club, during the next sports season.

A source close to France 24 said that Lionel Messi will sign a huge contract with a club whose name has not been revealed, and the signing will take place within the next month.

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He added, “The deal is finished. Lionel Messi will play in Saudi Arabia the new season.”


“The contract is exceptional, it’s huge, we’re just finishing up some small details,” the source continued.

And Lionel Messi had published pictures of him in training with Paris Saint-Germain, who is preparing to meet Ajaccio, tomorrow, “Saturday”, in the French League competitions.

And the management of Paris Saint-Germain decided to impose a penalty on Messi by suspending him for a period of two weeks, due to the sudden travel of the player to Saudi Arabia, without obtaining permission from the club’s management, despite the Argentine captain’s apology for his sudden travel.

Messi’s name was associated with Al Hilal club’s desire to obtain his signature during the upcoming summer transfer period, in a deal worth 400 million euros.

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