The Chinese best-selling “Civra” enters the labyrinth of documentary fiction


In the “world’s best-selling” Chinese novel, “The Code / DECODED”, by Mai Jia, the main narrator appears to be the same as its hypothetical author, a journalist with literary inclinations, who decides to surround the circumstances of the rise of a Chinese mathematician to the highest ranks of the leadership of the Republic. People’s China, for his role in protecting its national security through his work in a secret scientific body of an intelligence nature … and then his descent to the lowest levels of respect; For his failure to keep a notebook containing information that would harm the interests of the Republic itself in the event that it fell into the hands of an “enemy country”, its name is not explicitly mentioned in the work and is content with symbolic reference to it.

This novel, which was classified by The Economist magazine as one of the ten best novels of 2014, has been translated into 33 languages, and its translation into Arabic was completed by Rasha Kamal and Tamer Luqman for the “House of Wisdom Group for Cultural Industries” in Cairo. The investigative work of the hypothetical writer of this novel began in 1990, when he noticed, during his visit to his father, who was detained in a sanatorium for the terminally ill, that there was a patient named “Rong Jin Chen”, who was revered by everyone, although he had been suffering from a disease for several decades. My mind, because of him he lost his memory, except for a notebook he kept looking for, without even being aware of what was driving him. The hypothetical writer communicates with everyone related to this person, only to discover that he is the most prominent mathematician whose exceptional scientific abilities in the field of mathematics have benefited the People’s Republic of China. Those abilities, which will turn out to be innate in the Rong family, one of the ancient families in southeastern China, have qualified Jin Chen to become a renowned expert in the field of highly complex cipher construction and decoding in contexts related to the national security of this country in the era that followed a civil war that broke out in two phases And its two parties have not yet signed an armistice or a peace treaty, and another war with Japan, between these two phases.

The roots of genius

The first head of the family named “Rong Zlai”, fell in love with science. He was twenty years old when he started his journey. Seven years later, with the advent of the fall of 1880, he boarded a steamer, accompanied by dozens of baskets of fresh grapes, back to his country. He arrived when winter was at its worst, and the grapes had fermented, leaving red wine. His hometown is Tongxin (southeast China), his family monopolizes the salt trade, “He returned with a new name: Jun Li Li,” p. 14. Later he opened a school in the capital of the province; C City, and called it “Li Li Mathematics Academy” after he got silver ingots, which he inherited from his grandmother, who died while he was traveling.

The novel in Arabic translation (House of Wisdom)

Genius will shine through his niece, in his academy, and then at Cambridge University, to the point of turning her into a “human calculator.” They called it “the big-headed abacus”. She mastered seven languages ​​in a few years, at the end of which she obtained a doctorate, “before designing the wing of the Wright Brothers’ plane,” according to the hypothetical writer of the novel, who did not provide support for that information, despite his keenness to give his writing here a documentary character, giving the illusion that we are dealing with real characters and events. . This also refers to the appreciation of this human calculator by geniuses from the West, including the president of the “Newton Mathematics Society” Professor Pedro Emeo, who the novel says visited China in the summer of 1913, but he may also have been an imagined character in a context that illusions that we are in Documentary context.

She died at the hands of her fetus

The “human calculator” died in 1914 before turning forty. She died giving birth. The newborn came with a head that exceeded the size of his shoulders, and thus it can be said that “she met her death at the hands of her fetus.” The father’s family called the newborn “the big-headed devil,” p. 26. In any case, he grew up in the confines of a mother’s family whose earnings in the salt trade were quickly damaged by the teenage years of “that devil”, to pay off his gambling debts or solve the problems in which he kept getting himself involved. He joined the mafia at the age of 12, and ten years later a prostitute killed him, leaving another woman pregnant with his son, whom they would call as soon as he was born in 1936 as the “Reaper of Souls”, and he himself is the hero of our novel.


Famous Chinese novelist Mai Jia (House of Wisdom)

The Rong family is reluctant to take care of this newborn, who has given him the name “Dubtat”, and will eventually entrust it to a European in their service, who will notice his innate talent for complex arithmetic operations as soon as he reaches the age of 12, and reach the head of the family who was called “Li Li” the little one, the need to take care of him himself. This head of the family is the son of the founder of “N” University. He graduated from the Department of Mathematics in 1906, and in 1912 he went to the United States of America to study. He obtained a master’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and returned in 1926 to the University of “N” to teach in the Department of Mathematics, then he held the position of Vice-Chancellor of the same university. And as soon as “Dubt” entered primary school, people began to call him “Jin Chen” (the pearl), and he received great care from the wife of “little Li” and from his daughter, “Rong Yin”, who at that time was emotionally attached to a soldier who resisted the Japanese occupation, who sent She received a message from the battle front, which read: “The day the Japanese are defeated will be our wedding day.” But after this second Sino-Japanese war, he moved to Taiwan, got married and had children, and of course he became an enemy of the People’s Republic of China. And then revolutionary violence was dealt with, so to speak, with his ex-fiancée, until the communist authorities at their highest levels paid attention to the brilliance of “Jin Chen” so that his family would be treated as a patriotic family whose members deserve all reverence.

interviewing technique

Little Qin had a stubborn and fiery side, though he usually seemed calm and quiet. This description is attributed to “little Li Li”, who was among the dead when the main narrator began his investigative work to write this novel, relying on interviews with a number of people who knew the genius Jin Chen until he went crazy to extinguish the flame of his intelligence forever, led by Ms. Rong, who treated our hero first as one of her brothers, then as a source of pride for the family and protected her from any possible oppression from the official authority, which is under various pressures that make her always ready to face several conspiracies targeting her. The main narrator knows from Miss Rong that Jin Chen was good at interpreting dreams, and that she learned this from his foreign breeder, as well as from him the principles and rituals of the Christian religion, so he made sure to read a few pages of the English version of the Bible every day. At the age of 16, he began to learn from a Jewish teacher from Poland, whose name was “Jan Lesiewicz”, it turned out later that he was a spy. Lesevich notes that Jin Chen has limited social intelligence, “he is a natural genius but lacks basic knowledge.” His ignorance of such knowledge forced him to innovate and innovate. Lesevich wanted Jin Chen to study at a prestigious Western university, especially in the field of artificial intelligence.

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At that time (1946) the world’s first computer appeared. Under Lacevic’s sponsorship, Jin Chen completed a four-year study at a local university in two weeks. After that, “Lisevic” and “Jin Chen” finished the laws on sports chess in the spring of 1949, and in the meantime, the rest of the Rong family’s property was seized by the land reform movement in the newly established People’s Republic of China. Nevertheless, the family remained socially prominent under its most senior member, Mr. Li Li. Lesiewicz was able to secure a scholarship for Jin Chen to study for a doctorate at Stanford University. However, before traveling, he suffered kidney failure and was hospitalized for two years.

In any case, Jin Chen will never be able to travel abroad to study, as the supreme communist authority picked him up and decided to employ him in a secret unit, mixing between the civilian and military characters, and he had no right to refuse that job, which he was told was a revolutionary work aimed at protecting the homeland from its enemies. Hence, prominent scientists in the West were proud of him, such as John von Neumann (1903-1957), one of the most prominent mathematicians of the twentieth century, an American of Hungarian origin, and his genius appeared since he was a child, and Lloyd Shelley, born in 1923, an American economist and mathematician He was awarded the Nobel Prize in 2012 and is considered the pioneer of remote game theory, as well as Robert Oppenheimer, who is called the father of the atomic bomb!