Lebanon.. the disappearance of 90 billion dollars from the funds of depositors in Lebanese banks


Mina Observatory

A Lebanese-European statistical center revealed that about 90 billion US dollars, from the funds of Lebanese depositors, “disappeared,” after the October 17 revolutionary movement in 2019.

According to the statistical study conducted by the center, the large numbers of the gap came as follows:

$27 billion from the Banque du Liban was spent on import subsidies of all kinds, especially fuel and foodstuffs.

About 20 billion were transferred by Lebanese banks abroad for many purposes, including smuggling money and paying dues.

45 billion loans were given to borrowers from the depositors’ money, which were repaid on dollars of 1,500 Lebanese pounds and Lollar checks.


The sum of these numbers, according to Russia Today, shows that about $90 billion has disappeared since October 2019.

The depositors of about 64 Lebanese banks, with their dozens of branches extending between the inside and outside, are divided into two categories: residents and non-residents. The second case includes non-resident Lebanese in Lebanon, in addition to Arab and foreign depositors, including individuals and institutions.

It is noteworthy that during the past months, many Lebanese depositors carried out bank raids, some of which were armed raids that took place during hostage-taking, during which they demanded access to their seized money.

The banking crisis in Lebanon is one of the aspects of the economic collapse, which the World Bank ranked among the worst in the world since 1850, and the voices of Lebanese depositors are rising with Arabs and foreigners pressuring their country’s authorities to move diplomatically and judicially in order to recover their money.