Hotel establishments: It is impossible to set a unified price for rooms, and prices are subject to supply and demand – Egypt News


Alaa Aqel, Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Hotel Establishments Chamber of the Egyptian Federation of Tourist Chambers, said that the high exchange rate of the dollar against the pound made all hotels not resort to demanding an increase in the value of their current or ongoing contracts for the next 6 months, despite the high cost of foodstuffs, fuel and other resources. Hotel energy.

The value of foreign tourist contracts is paid in dollars and euros

He added, in a statement to Al-Watan, that the value of tourism contracts with foreign tourists is paid in dollars and euros, which compensates for any increase in the cost price, pointing out that the rise in the price of the dollar against the pound is positively in favor of the tourist movement coming to Egypt from abroad, and it also magnifies Revenues generated from the Egyptian tourism industry.

A wise person rejected what some had put forward about the necessity of setting a unified price for all Egyptian hotels, stressing that hotel prices are subject to a policy of supply and demand, explaining that setting a minimum price for selling hotel rooms by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities largely eliminated the phenomenon of burning prices that it was pursuing. Some tourism companies.

An increase in the number of foreign tourists coming to Egypt

The head of the Steering Committee of the Chamber of Hotel Establishments indicated that the tourism movement that Egypt has received since the beginning of this year until now is very good, and there is an increase ranging from 30 to 35% in the number of tourists coming to Egypt during the first third of this year compared to the same period in 2022.



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