“Psycho and Saddamia” .. Iman Al-Assi reveals for the first time the secrets of her mysterious personality (witness)

“Psycho and Saddamia” .. Iman Al-Assi reveals for the first time the secrets of her mysterious personality (witness)
“Psycho and Saddamia” .. Iman Al-Assi reveals for the first time the secrets of her mysterious personality (witness)

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homeland- Yesterday evening, Thursday, the Egyptian actress Iman Al-Assi revealed, during her presence as a guest on the “Ma’akum Mona El-Shazly” program on CBC, unexpected surprises about her appearance in the series “Jaafar El-Omda” in Ramadan 2023, accompanied by her compatriot, the star Mohamed Ramadan.

Iman Al-Assi’s “psychopath” is similar to “Dalal” in Jaafar Al-Omda

During the meeting, Iman Al-Assi answered the question of the media, Mona Al-Shazly, about the similarities between her and the character of Dalal in the Jaafar Al-Omda series, and she said: “I am confrontational and interested in myself and Psycho a little and harming myself, but I do not harm others.”

And the Egyptian actress recalled her late father, explaining that he came to her in a dream on the night of filming the episode, saying: “My father’s departure changed all my life..I dreamed of him and told my brother, my father, that he would see this episode, and in the dream I saw you wearing white in white, and I told you that Baba loved you strong. I woke up collapsed.” “.

Iman Al-Assi had played the role of “Dalal” in the series Jaafar Al-Omda, a complex and contradictory character who appeared as a loyal wife and affectionate mother to her son Omar, but in reality she hides a dangerous secret that threatens her life and her marriage to Jaafar (playing the character Muhammad Ramadan).

threatening messages

Iman Al-Assi reported that threatening messages had been received after showing Episode 19 of the Jaafar Al-Omda series, in which it stated: “If you return to Ibn Jaafar Al-Omda, we will work for you….”

She also mentioned that it came in other messages that stated, “If Dalal had killed Saif in the series, people would have killed me, and I would not know how to get out of the house.”

In the context of her talk about the Jaafar El-Omda series, the actress, Iman Al-Assi, expressed her thanks to the director, Mohamed Sami, who attributed the credit for her brilliance to him.


Al-Assi stressed her deep happiness in working with him, saying: “It was a pleasant surprise, and a dream deferred that I work with him.”


“Mohamed Sami rediscovered me”

During her presence with the media, Mona El-Shazly, the Egyptian actress, Iman Al-Assi, explained that her previous dramatic roles were reduced to the role of the kind girl, Habiba Al-Batal.

On this, she commented, “Mohamed Sami rediscovered me in a new face, after I was always the cute, sweet girl.”

In turn, Al-Assi explained that she had apologized for presenting two other roles in the same series, noting her admiration for Dalal’s role and her determination to perform it and reject other roles, saying: “Muhammad Ramadan was impressed by my determination for the role, and I did not know that I was so evil, and I spent the series on blank without thinking.” “.

Behind the scenes filming Jaafar Al-Omda

Actress Al-Assi revealed the scenes of filming the police station scene and said: “When Jaafar left me in the police station, I was sure that he would not leave me, and I said, of course, he will hug me, he will do anything, he will not go like this, even though I read the script and know what will happen.”

However, the surprise in the statements of the Egyptian actress, Iman Al-Assi, was her reference to entering the field of acting by chance.

Where she explained that the goal of her involvement in dramas was to provoke anger in her fiancé after the dissolution of the engagement, saying: “My friend was a working model and was going to photography, and I was depressed and suffocated after my fiancé sat. My love for Jaafar is so, so I asked to be photographed with her.”

The Egyptian actress added: “I took a photoshoot, knowing that my fiancé would go crazy when he saw him, and then the photographer asked to put my picture in disbelief for the magazine; So I agreed, I said so that he would get more angry, then the director Khaled Bahjat called me and asked me in a series; I said that I will answer his term, and I went on with the series,” she said.