10 European countries provide job opportunities for Egyptians.. for “industrialists and freelancers” – world news


Several European countries offer visas to people who are freelancers, and have skills and crafts that benefit the old continent, and they can live in European Union countries.

There are 10 European countries that grant visas and travel permits to young people, but these countries require that he work for his own account or have a small company, according to the “Schengen Visa” website.


These countries include Spain, which requires that the applicant work for his own account or have a small company, and Spain aims through this condition to attract talents from all over the world and increase investments in them.


In Germany, you can get a 3-year residence permit very easily, you just have to prove that you are successful in your profession and provide enough income in a German bank account that covers the cost of living in the country.


France also offers a self-employment visa, allowing foreigners who are planning to set up a small business in France or start a new business, to be included under the self-employment category and to be issued a long-stay visa equivalent to a residence permit.

This visa bears the phrase “entrepreneur – self-employed” and is valid for one year. To obtain the visa, you must prove your ability to earn a monthly income of not less than 1,500 euros from your free profession.


Portugal is very popular thanks to the self-employment visa, which enables you to achieve financial independence in Europe, whether by working on a contract with a Portuguese or by establishing your own project as an entrepreneur, and you can obtain these permits in Portugal and start earning a living in Europe.



And the Prime Minister of Croatia announced, through his Twitter account, an amendment to the Foreigners Law, to make the residence of Free Lancers who have special skills and craftsmanship legal in the country.



A freelancer visa or self-employment visa can be obtained in the Czech Republic as a way to obtain a work visa, without the requirements of language, experience or school certificate, and this allows obtaining residency in the Czech Republic for a period of 3 years through the independent work visa and the zivino visa.


Denmark desperately needs skilled labor in various industrial fields, and seeks to bring professionals from other countries in the fields of science, engineering, law, health care, information technology, blacksmiths, metalworkers, electricians, and teachers, and includes the full list of professionals required in the country, with higher education and skills, and will be The residence certificate is valid throughout the period of practicing the profession, provided that the contract period is less than 4 years.


Obtaining a work visa in Ireland is relatively easy, with many options available ranging from short term to long term, Ireland seeks to attract migrant workers to fill vacancies in sectors that are in great shortage.


In Finland, a fast track process has been launched to bring high calibers and their families to the country. The Finnish government identifies professionals and start-up entrepreneurs as a priority to benefit from this service. Non-EU workers must apply for a residence permit after three months.


Malta offers many investment opportunities through the Permanent Residency Program in Malta, which targets foreign investors wishing to invest and reside in the country. Investors can obtain permanent residency in Malta by investing in the country. The program includes a wide range of benefits and privileges, such as residency rights. Permanent residence for all family members, freedom of movement within the EU countries without the need for a visa, and fast procedures for a period of 4-6 months from the date of application.

In addition, investors and their family members enjoy leading healthcare and a world-class education system in Malta, and can take advantage of the many investment opportunities available in the country.



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