Beston b70 price in saudi arabia 2023


The price of the Beston B70 2023, as some citizens in the Kingdom tend to search for the Beston B70 2023 in order to learn about its features and prices in the Kingdom, as it is the only sedan among the fleet of Chinese brands available within the territory of the Kingdom, and the car is unique in providing it with a design that its driver feels like One of the luxury cars, in addition to its cabin equipped with advanced and modern technologies, in order to achieve the best performance, and Beston is one of the Chinese cars that are widely spread in the Kingdom’s market; It is distinguished in a distinctive way by the SUV versions it offers, and we will explain to you the price of the 2023 Piston b70.

Beston b70 2023 price

The car is available in all cities of the Kingdom, and it has been provided through 3 categories with a variety of equipment, through its exclusive agent and the local agent, a car rental company. Below is the price of the 2023 Beston b70 in its various versions and in the following categories:

Beston b70 2023 car price in saudi arabia
  • The price of the Piston b70 2023 Comfort Edition starts at 83,430 SAR.
  • The price of the Piston b70 2023 Premium Edition starts from 94,240 Saudi riyals.
  • The price of the Piston b70 2023, limousine edition, starts from 103,440 Saudi riyals.

During the past periods, the car has witnessed a great demand from citizens because of its distinctive capabilities and competitive prices compared to other cars at a higher price than that.


Beston b70 2023 specifications

The 2023 Piston B70 is distinguished by its wonderful appearance that combines a lot of luxurious, modern and modern touches, so some individuals may think that this car belongs to one of the luxury car categories at first sight.

The car was also provided with 19-inch wheels with an attractive design, as well as fully electric mirrors, integrated LED turn signals, and pop-up door handles.

The power of the car is shown through a turbo engine consisting of 4 cylinders with a capacity of 2.0 liters, which results in a power of 214 horsepower, and the car appears with an engine connected to a transmission through a 7-speed automatic transmission with double clutch, and it reaches a maximum distinctive speed of 200 km / h, While fuel efficiency reaches 15.7 km / liter.