Al-Ahly puts a foot forward in the final from Rades Stadium, beating Al-Taraji in its own home, 3-0, with Al-Rafa

Al-Ahly puts a foot forward in the final from Rades Stadium, beating Al-Taraji in its own home, 3-0, with Al-Rafa
Al-Ahly puts a foot forward in the final from Rades Stadium, beating Al-Taraji in its own home, 3-0, with Al-Rafa

In one of the matches that history will remember for the Red Castle .. Al-Ahly Club achieved a great victory over the Tunisian Esperance Club in its home stadium, Rades Stadium, by three clean goals with Al-Rafa, in the first-leg match for the semi-final round of the African Champions League.

Al-Ahly took the lead with a goal by Percy Tau in the eighth minute, then added the second goal in the 55th minute, and Kahraba scored the third goal in the 75th minute.
Al-Ahly taught Tunisia’s Esperance a lesson in the arts of football and inflicted a heavy defeat on it at home. It did not find it difficult to win, but it would have come out with a record number of goals, had it not been for the attackers’ recklessness and disregard for the opponent, especially Kahraba and Taher Mohamed Taher, so the team missed a big victory over a champion. Tunisia.
Al-Ahly did not find any difficulty in achieving victory, but it was surprising that the Tunisian Esperance appeared at this weak level, so it was an easy prey against the African champion, so that Al-Ahly put its foot in the final round, regardless of the return match at Cairo Stadium, because it is difficult for Esperance to score against Al-Ahly in the stadium. Cairo at least three goals, after he failed to score a single goal at Rades Stadium.

Percy Tau, the star of the match, scored two goals and made more than one special attack, which Kahraba missed, which is the easiest of the three goals, while Abdel Moneim ably led his defense line, and Marawan Attia was the team’s dynamo and star in the middle of the field.
Beautiful memories and goal Tao
Beautiful memories swirled in the minds of the Al-Ahly players before the start of the match. At the Rades stadium, Al-Ahly achieved many victories and achievements at the expense of Tunisian clubs, especially Esperance, so this stadium is a source of happiness for Al-Ahly. The wing in front of the Al-Ahly African Eagle.
Indeed, the start was strong from Al-Ahly in front of fear and awe of Al-Taraji, which was translated by Al-Ahly’s domination of the first ten minutes of the match, during which Percy Tau succeeded in scoring Al-Ahly’s first goal in this half, eight minutes after an organized attack, which he passed with an accidental electric shock to Hamdi Fathy, to pass under his feet and reach To Percy Tau, who found himself in front of the goal, he hit a powerful ball in the middle of the goal, the goalkeeper failed to save it with his hand and then his foot, so it hit the net amidst the joy of Al-Ahly players.

Al-Ahly was the best in spreading, moving, and controlling the midfield, and the fear and awe that appeared clearly on the faces of the Esperance players helped him, but despite that, Al-Ahly retreated without justification back in front of his goal and gave the opportunity for Al-Taraji to attack, but without danger at all, except for the only attack of Al-Taraji that ended with a header that was saved by Al-Shennawy. Brilliantly to a corner kick, but without that, there were attacks without focus that broke against the solidity of Al-Ahly defense.
Al-Ahly wasted this half a bundle of goals against a low-level team, especially its goalkeeper, but the recklessness of the attackers, especially Kahraba, missed the opportunity to score more goals to settle the battle from Rades before returning to Cairo Stadium.


Al-Ahly succeeded in controlling the speed of the match according to its will, at a time when all attempts by Al-Taraji to return to the meeting failed in front of a team that was better technically and physically and had the capabilities that it could achieve its goal.
Al-Ahly’s defense line was the best line in this half, led by Maestro Mohamed Abdel Moneim, at a time when Al-Shahat and Maaloul disappeared on the left side, which was not used much during this half.
The result is that Al-Ahly achieved its goal in this half by scoring a goal against Al-Taraji, which it beat the competition in the first half, hoping to cover the goal in the second half.
Tao shines and Kahraba returns to score


There was no change in performance, Al-Ahly is better in form and position in front of a confused team that resorted to roughness at times, so the first warning went to Ben Ali for roughness with Maaloul.
In the 55th minute, Percy Tau was on a date with happiness, as he received a long ball without a title and passed through the entire defense of Esperance, then stood and hit a beautiful ball to the left of the goalkeeper, which settled in the left corner, scoring Al-Ahly’s second goal and the goal of reassurance for the Red Castle.
The match became relatively easy in front of Al-Ahly, especially since Esperance was outside the scope of service, and the minutes became heavy for the Tunisian champion, who hopes that it will pass quickly and this nightmare will end.
The performance of the two teams calmed down, as Al-Ahly was satisfied with the two goals, and Al-Taraji hopes that the match will come out without a football scandal at Rades Stadium, especially since Al-Ahly players kept passing the ball between them for more than 5 minutes without Al-Taraji succeeding in cutting it, and it ended with a long pass to Kahraba, who received it carelessly and missed a historic goal for Al-Ahly from too many. number of passes.

Kahraba was on a date with the third goal in the 75th minute of a counterattack that Diang led to Al-Shahat, which ended with a cross that Kahraba met in the goal, scoring the third goal. After that, Kohler, the technical director, remembered that no change had been made, so he pushed Sherif and Taher Muhammad Taher instead of Al-Shahat and Kahraba to complete their joy with the goal. on the bench.
The scenario of the meeting did not occur to anyone, three goals for Al-Ahly in front of the Al-Taraji team, which Al-Ahly fans were not accustomed to seeing the Tunisian champion at such a modest level, but Al-Ahly was merciful to Al-Taraji, not harsh on him more than that.
Koller pushed Khaled Abdel Fattah and Al-Kandoussi instead of Mohamed Hani and Hamdi Fathi in the last minutes of the match, in which the Esperance defense opened up, but Taher Mohamed Taher, as usual, spoiled Al-Ahly’s attacks, so that Al-Ahly settled for three goals and decided to qualify for the final in Rades Stadium, so that the return match became a spherical picnic.

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