Enemy of victory or impossible choices… Ronaldo’s potential destinations if he leaves next summer

Enemy of victory or impossible choices… Ronaldo’s potential destinations if he leaves next summer
Enemy of victory or impossible choices… Ronaldo’s potential destinations if he leaves next summer


Cristiano Ronaldo certainly did not expect the difficulties he is currently experiencing in the Saudi Roshen League when he signed with Al-Nassr and signed the contract that extends until the summer of 2025.

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Ronaldo excelled in some matches and tried to help Al-Nassr a lot, but the painful truth in the end is that he is close to losing the league in favor of Al-Ittihad after the difference widened to 5 points.

All of these things may push Ronaldo to think about leaving Al-Nassr at the end of the current season, and some have already talked about that during the last two weeks, but the biggest obstacle that may hinder the Portuguese star’s way out of the Nasrawi house is the lack of available options.

The 38-year-old did not have many options when he signed for the Saudi club, and this matter has not changed after those few months in which he wore the yellow shirt, and the most prominent option remains to move to one of the American League clubs, although of course he will not get the money he gets. In Saudi Arabia.

The other possible destination, which seems very difficult, is the Qatari league, where there is always interest in attracting stars to develop the level of football and achieve other non-sporting gains for the country, but is this interest still present and the desire for financial sacrifice still present after the 2022 World Cup file is closed? The answer to the question determines the possibility of Ronaldo moving there.

The third possible destination is emotional to a large extent and is related to Ronaldo’s acceptance of making a very big sacrifice at all levels, that of course is related to returning to the starting point .. Sporting Lisbon and retiring there after a short playing period.


For many factors, the previous destinations may be described as impossible, especially since they existed before signing for victory and Ronaldo did not accept them after the European giants closed their doors in his face after the bad end of his relationship with Manchester United.


The last destination available to the holder of historical figures in football seems strange, but it may be presented to the table of officials in Saudi Arabia if Ronaldo insists on taking off the yellow shirt at the end of the season, in a desire to preserve it inside the Kingdom and preserve all the gains of his arrival in the country.

That destination is Al-Hilal, the enemy of the historic victory, who was the first to negotiate with Ronaldo, as revealed by his president Fahd bin Nafel in previous statements, and perhaps had it not been for preventing the club from registering, the Portuguese star would have been one of its stars now.

The higher authorities in Saudi Arabia may change Ronaldo’s fate from victory to Al-Hilal, while compensating Al-Alamy with other deals, especially in the event that negotiations with Lionel Messi are not successful, and this solution may be satisfactory to all parties because it will provide a different environment for the legendary star and will maintain his continuity in the Saudi League while satisfying the two clubs. The two big ones.

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