Tamer Hosni shakes Kuwait and dominates its people with the “Kuwait Summer” festival…and the public is calling for another concert


The star, Tamer Hosni, shook Kuwait and dominated its people through his concert, which he performed yesterday at the Arena Theater, as part of the “Kuwait Summer” activities, as the concert carried the slogan “Full Number”.

A huge reception for the star, Tamer Hosni

The audience received Tamer Hosni, with a storm of applause that shook the corners of the place, and when he entered the stage, the fiery shows that caught all eyes began.

During the ceremony, Tamer Hosni presented a wide range of his distinctive and varied songs, between the old and the new, amidst the shouts of the audience. And other distinguished works.

_ The Kuwaiti public is calling for another concert

After the ceremony, the Kuwaiti public expressed their happiness for attending the distinguished ceremony, through publications through their personal accounts on social networking sites, as they demanded another ceremony during the next few days.


Tamer Hosny presents a message of thanks for organizing the party

At the end of the concert, Tamer Hosni asked the concert organizer to go on stage to thank him for the effort made in front of the audience who gathered to participate in Tamer’s concert in Kuwait.


Tamer Hosni publishes pictures from his concert and comments

The star, Tamer Hosni, published a set of photos from the concert and commented on it, saying, “Thank you, the great fans of Kuwait. It was a concert above, above, above, wonderful, and I will never forget the beauty and sophistication of your hearts and your feelings that I saw with you other than the number of the amazing audience. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for the love that I saw. Thank you with all my heart, and may God rejoice Your hearts are as you made me happy.”


Tamer Hosni and the Egyptian Super Gala

It is noteworthy that the star, Tamer Hosni, recently revived the Egyptian Super Party between Al-Ahly and Pyramids, which was held in the Emirates, and he sang a number of his famous songs, amid the interaction of the audience, and expressed his great pleasure in participating in the ceremony through his account on “Instagram”.

Tamer Hosni posted a video of his participation in the match, through his official account on the “Instagram” website, commenting on it: “A million congratulations to Al-Ahly Club and the fans of Al-Ahly Club, the Egyptian Super Cup, and better luck for the Pyramids Club, and all thanks to the sister country of the Emirates for the generosity of the reception.”



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