Hajj .. Urgent Learn about its prices this year and the most important details about getting a half-price ticket


Islam legislates, since it camped on the surface of the earth, many obligations on the Muslim, and the most important of these obligations is Hajj, as Hajj is considered one of the five pillars of Islam, without which a Muslim’s Islam is not valid, so what is Hajj and what are the most prominent actions that must be performed in Hajj.

In Hajj, it is required that a person be financially and physically capable, so that the person is able to bear the hardships of travel and perform the rituals, i.e. that the person is healthy in body.

Al-Fajr portal displays everything you need to know about Hajj and Hajj prices, as follows:

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Hajj for the year 2023

Hajj..Learn about its virtues and rewards

The importance of Hajj is evident in the fact that it is a huge conference that brings together Muslims from all over the world. Hajj helps in strengthening the spirit of patience and enduring hardships in the soul of the believer, because Hajj requires great physical effort. Hajj also returns the believer to giving and inculcating the value of generosity among the believer. Hajj also enshrines the principle of equality between people. They differ in their races and colors, because the pilgrimage brings together people of all nationalities and races. The pilgrimage helps the Muslim in the forgiveness of sins and sins, and it is an opportunity to repent for sins.


Hajj..Learn about the prices of 2023

The value of Hajj this year 2023 amounts to 175,500 pounds, which is 148,500 pounds for the cost of Hajj, and 27,000 pounds for the return air ticket to perform Hajj 2023.

Hajj for the year 2023

Hajj.. when to apply for Hajj

The Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities announced that the last date for applying for the tourist pilgrimage for the Hijri year 1444 will be from April 19 until the end of it, and 16,000 applicants will be selected.

Hajj.. What is the direct Hajj visa?

That visa that a person obtains by reservation from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is from one of his relatives or from his family, as it is half the price from Egypt, so the pilgrims seek to obtain it from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Hajj..Learn about visa prices from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The value of the visa price from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is about 6,000 Egyptians only, as it is half the price of the ticket price from booking from Egypt.