The decline of oil and the rise of copper.. The closing of the weekly oil and metal stock exchanges | commodity exchanges


The prices of oil and precious metals declined, at the end of the trading week, ending Friday, May 12, 2023, while natural gas prices increased, and the prices of industrial metals varied at the close of weekly trading, yesterday, Friday.

Oil prices

And the prices of Brent crude futures contracts for July 2023 delivery, at the weekly close, decreased by 1.08%, to fall to $74.17 a barrel, and the prices of Texas crude contracts for July delivery 2023 decreased by the end of trading, by 1.21%, to record $70.02 a barrel.

The price of natural gas

In the opposite direction, natural gas futures contracts for June 2023 delivery recorded a value of $ 2.266 per million British thermal units, an increase of 3.47%, at the close of weekly trading.


The price of gold and silver


In terms of precious metals on the New York Stock Exchange; The weekly trading ended on a decline, as the spot gold price closed at settlement, down by 0.2%, at $2,011.01 an ounce, and the silver price shrank to $25.22 an ounce, a decrease of 0.89%.

industrial minerals

Industrial metal prices varied at the end of the week’s sessions, as the price of aluminum recorded $2,231.50 per ton, and the price of copper came at $8,253 per ton, up 1.1% by the end of the trading week.


And the price of nickel advanced to record the level of 22,217 dollars per ton at the close, while the price of tin declined to 24,836 dollars per ton, and the price of zinc came at 2,549 dollars per ton, an increase of 0.04%.