Cement prices today, Saturday 5-13-2023.. Al-Suwaidi, at 1990 pounds – economy


Today, Saturday 5-13-2023, cement prices witnessed remarkable stability in the Egyptian market for many different types, as cement prices are relatively stable at the present time due to the availability of cement in good quantities within the markets, and cement is one of the important elements in the construction industry.

The price of a ton of cement today in Egypt

Cement prices today, Saturday 13-5-2023, range between 1770 to 1990 pounds, and prices vary from place to place, as well as from one type to another, as Al-Fahd cement came in the lowest price, recording 1770 pounds per ton, while Al-Suwaidi cement came in the highest price, To record 1990 pounds per ton, and the price varies with regard to retail sale, as transportation and storage prices are added in addition to the profit percentage.

Cement price stability

Today, cement prices in Egypt have stabilized significantly due to the availability of good quantities in the market, and the price varies from place to place, and the volume of demand is good at the present time, according to Ahmed Shereen Karim, head of the cement division of the Federation of Industries and a member of the board of directors of the Chamber of Building Materials Industries, and a member of the union. Al-Arabi for Industry, in statements to “Al-Watan”.

Cement price today for the consumer

Nasr Cement 1925 pounds per ton.

Armed cement 1960 pounds per ton

Construction cement 1870 pounds per ton

Minya cement 1890 pounds per ton

Moallem cement 1870 pounds per ton

Nile Valley Cement 1860 pounds per ton


Special cement 1920 pounds per ton

Sinai Cement 42.5 at 1873 pounds per ton

Helwan Cement 1978 pounds per ton.

El Sewedy Cement 1990 pounds per ton.

Arrow cement 1810 pounds per ton.

Egyptian Cement 1770 pounds per ton.

Excellent cement 1960 pounds per ton.

Al-Fahd cement 1770 pounds per ton.



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