What are the messages of the resistance missiles after targeting the “Jerusalem settlements”?

What are the messages of the resistance missiles after targeting the “Jerusalem settlements”?
What are the messages of the resistance missiles after targeting the “Jerusalem settlements”?

Exclusive – Quds Press

May 12, 2023 7:45 PM

Sirens sounded at noon today, Friday, in the mountains of western and southern Jerusalem. For the first time in the current round of escalation between the resistance factions in the Gaza Strip and the Israeli occupation, the battle between the two parties – despite being unequal – “has taken another turn and a dramatic change, which may accelerate its resolution in favor of the resistance,” according to what political analysts have confirmed.

Two rockets launched from Gaza landed in a mountainous area near the occupied city of Jerusalem, while the “David’s Sling” heavy anti-missile system intercepted two other rockets, without causing any injuries.

The writer and political analyst, Suleiman Bisharat, said: “The timing of the resistance’s targeting of Jerusalem comes within a set of determinants, the most prominent of which is that the next few hours may be decisive in this round, which may lead to a field truce, and therefore this bombing comes to carry a message of pressure on the Israeli occupation side.” If he does not accept what is offered, the next price will be higher.”

Bisharat added to Quds Press: “In the aftermath of the battle (Saif al-Quds) in Ramadan 2021, Jerusalem was established within the equation of deterrence from the resistance against the Israeli occupation, and now perhaps these are messages of confirmation of this continuity of the equation and the unacceptability of retreating from it, especially as we are on the verge of Organizing a flag march next week inside the Holy City.

The political analyst saw, in targeting the Jerusalem settlements, “an attempt by the resistance to put pressure on the Prime Minister of the occupation government, Benjamin Netanyahu, in particular, and to portray him as the biggest loser in the event of the continuation of the confrontation, because bringing Jerusalem within the front line means more failure, and this will make him the subject of greater criticism.” Especially within the extremist religious parties, which are trying to make Jerusalem a Jewish religious reference.

Bisharat stressed that “the Palestinian resistance seeks to score strategic points within the confrontation with the occupation, which is the concept of the unity of the arenas. Regions”.


He pointed out that “this indicates that there is a tactical maturity in negotiation among the Palestinian resistance, and there is no longer talk about merely searching for a truce emptied of its contents.”

Jerusalemite activist Muhammad al-Ghoul agrees with him, telling Quds Press: “The arrival of the rockets in Jerusalem carries messages to the Israeli leadership, of a diplomatic nature, that if they do not soften their positions in the truce talks, the fire will reach new targets, political by hinting that The resistance will not give a state of calm, while the march of flags will take place next Friday.”

He explained that there is an “operational” message and goal, but this time according to “Al-Ghoul”, addressed to the Palestinian public, that “the resistance, despite the blows it has received, will not surrender.”

He was a leader in the Islamic Jihad movement, who said: “The bombing of Jerusalem is a message that the eye of the resistance is open to the holy city, and it sees everything that is happening in it and what the enemy is planning there.”

He continued, saying: “The battle is approaching the date of the march of flags scheduled for May 18, which encourages us to continue the confrontation.”

And Hebrew media reported that the Prime Minister of the occupation government, Benjamin Netanyahu, ended this afternoon security consultations with the Minister of Defense, “Yav Galant” and the Minister of the Mossad, “Bernea”, after the resistance fired rockets at the occupied city of Jerusalem and its environs.

Netanyahu posted a picture on his Twitter account, entitled “We continue,” while comments poured in from the settlers, who criticized the performance of the occupation army, and demanded an end to the aggression.