Gaza: Government media reviews the outcome of the aggression on Gaza on the fifth day

Gaza: Government media reviews the outcome of the aggression on Gaza on the fifth day
Gaza: Government media reviews the outcome of the aggression on Gaza on the fifth day

Today, Saturday, May 13, 2023, the government media office in Gaza held a press conference on the latest and most prominent developments in the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip.

The head of the office, Salama Maarouf, said, “The number of martyrs as a result of the brutal aggression on the Gaza Strip reached 33 martyrs for the fifth day in a row, 30% of whom were women and children, and 147 citizens were wounded, 60% of whom were women and children, in a clear indication of the nature of the Bank of Goals that speaks. The leaders of the occupation.

Maarouf added: “A new day passes for our people to bear witness to our blood spilled there in Balata camp, east of Nablus, and here in Gaza. A new day indicates that suffering, displacement and killing will remain with our people as long as the occupation is perched on our land. As we have mercy on our martyrs in Gaza and Balata, we deplore this situation.” It is one of the acquiescence that characterizes the performance of the international community towards the crimes of the occupation.

Maarouf condemned the occupation’s attempts to evade its crimes committed against the defenseless civilians of Shaaban who are safe in their homes, denouncing the malicious occupation’s exploitation of a report issued by a local institution that has no jurisdiction and was not based on technical reports from the technical authorities. for a sense of patriotism.

Maarouf stressed that the occupation continues for the fifth day a crime of collective punishment against 2.300 million citizens, making them hostages by closing the crossings and preventing the entry of necessities, goods and medicines. for the sector.

He stated that the extent of the damage caused by the aggression so far demolished 15 houses, with a total of 51 housing units, completely demolished, and 940 housing units were damaged, of which 49 housing units were unfit for habitation, and the estimated value of the initial losses amounted to approximately $5 million.

Maarouf explained that the agricultural sector suffered losses and direct damages exceeding $3 million as a result of the ban on exporting more than 1,000 tons of agricultural products, the halt of the fishing sector, and damage to large agricultural areas and farms for citizens.

He stressed that government institutions and emergency field teams continue to perform their duty towards our people in order to strengthen their steadfastness against this barbaric aggression against the peaceful population.


Maarouf indicated that the Ministry of Social Development provided urgent relief and cash assistance to about 100 families who lost their homes and worked to provide rent allowance and temporary housing for these families.

And he stated that the national number 109 had received more than 5,020 calls over the past days, and they were transferred to the competent authorities for follow-up and necessary action, indicating that the civil defense carried out 40 field work missions during the past 24 hours.

Maarouf noted that consumer protection teams carried out 20 follow-up field tours, during which they visited 282 points of sale and issued 7 violations related to attempts to manipulate prices or monopolize, while emergency teams in municipalities dealt with 88 work assignments in various governorates as a result of the bombing.

He mentioned that the Electricity Company teams carried out 71 field work missions to connect lines and treat damage to columns as a result of the occupation raids.

He explained that the occupation is preventing the supply of fuel to the only power station in the sector, in which the fuel for the generators will run out within a period not exceeding 48 hours. Today, a press conference will be held for the Energy Authority to talk about this matter and its repercussions on the service sectors and the humanitarian reality.

Maarouf said: “The past hours have recorded many barbaric attacks by the occupation and the criminality of this occupier, and perhaps one of them is what happened in the vicinity of Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital when the occupation planes raided a house near the hospital, which led to damage to the intensive care and operations departments, and had it not been for God’s providence, there would have been injuries among the patients.” and medical staff in the hospital.

It is worth mentioning that the government media office presents a detailed presentation of the effects of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, and updates the damages, in a press conference in Arabic and English on a daily basis.

Source: Sawa Agency



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