A 100-year-old female doctor reveals the secret to a healthy, happy life


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An American doctor, over the age of 100, revealed the secret of a healthy, happy life, that secret that all humans search for, stressing that the happiest people she knew during her century-long life were those who were able to determine the appropriate time to give up the things that cause them stress. .

Dr. Gladys McGarry (102 years old) added that decades of experience taught her lessons for a healthy and happy life, according to what was stated in her book, “The Wonderful Life: 6 Secrets of a 102-year-old Doctor for a Healthy and Happy Life at Every Age Stage.”

She said that life is too short to ruminate and look at the same thought over and over again, “By doing so you are torturing yourself.” Many people live in unnecessary stress, and happy and healthy people are the ones who manage to get rid of those stresses and experiences that do not benefit them.

She explained that the habit that made her have a healthy and happy life is getting rid of those pressures, and the ability to invest in useful things such as relationships and professional life, pointing out that the happiest people are able to determine the appropriate time to move forward, and not stick to things that may make them feel psychological pressure.


The long-term doctor presented a prescription to get rid of the pressures of life, which included the following:

Identify something that makes you feel pressure and you can’t get it out of your life. Imagine that you are able to hold those things in your fist. You may then feel that your fist is tightening. Fist completely and get rid of what’s in it.

She added that you can also repeat phrases that contain a meaning of great importance to you, such as “it does not matter” or similar phrases that are in line with what you are thinking, and once you are done, try to think for a moment and appreciate the psychological state that you went through and imagine life as it flows through you.

She said that everyone makes mistakes, and gave the conclusion by saying: “Forgive yourself, and if necessary, ask forgiveness from others, and thus you can move forward in life.”