The Houthi militia plunders allocations provided by international organizations for the restoration and maintenance of streets in the city of Dhamar, and the people are appealing (photos)


Private sources revealed that the Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi militia looted the financial allocations provided by international organizations for the restoration and maintenance of a number of streets and lanes in the city of Dhamar, south of Sana’a, amid the people’s calls to save them from torrential rains, sewage overflow and the spread of garbage.

The sources confirmed to Khabar Agency that the Houthi militia looted millions of riyals provided by international organizations, which had been provided by a number of countries as grants to Yemen, and that those looted sums were allocated for the restoration and maintenance of a number of streets in the old neighborhoods of Dhamar city, and other neighborhoods.

According to the sources, the militias have obligated the operating organizations to take care of some main streets only, at a time when a number of neighborhoods suffer from sewage overflow and the spread of excavations and garbage remnants, in addition to that these sufferings were multiplied by the torrential rains that mixed with the sewage and washed away the piles of garbage, resulting in the spread of a number of of diseases and epidemics.

The sources pointed out that most of the areas where excavations and garbage heaps are widespread and expanding are very close to hospitals and government headquarters, most notably in the Customs neighborhood and near the triangle roundabout, which are located in the main streets.

Despite the repeated calls, there is no response from the authorities of the terrorist Houthi militia, punctuated by false promises from day to day, and the militia’s insistence on not responding reveals their practice of collective punishment of the people of the lanes of Dhamar Governorate.

Sewer rash

A number of lanes in the city of Dhamar have witnessed an overflow of sewage, since the beginning of this May, amid popular demands for the concerned authorities represented by the local council and other parties, which are controlled by the Houthi militia, to quickly go down to the lanes and pump out the sewage, and search for and treat the blockages.

The people, through Khabar Agency, renewed their appeal to all parties to quickly go down to the lanes, due to the resulting spread of diseases and epidemics among civilians, especially children and the elderly, in addition to the foul smells emanating from them.



The excavations are also suffered by the residents of a number of neighborhoods in Dhamar Governorate, and the citizens of the governorate complained about them, because of the accidents they caused and the slipping of civilians and motorcycles while they were passing from the roads, and resulted in several injuries among civilians and motorcyclists.


The excavations were present in the lanes as a result of negligence by the Houthi militia with its concerned apparatus, which is working to restore and compact those lanes despite international organizations providing millions of dollars, but the militia did not care about that, according to an official source in the local authority confirmed to Khabar Agency correspondent.

Trash spread

The garbage has been a great burden on the citizens, which is added to a group of suffering that citizens are exposed to in Dhamar Governorate, and other Yemeni governorates under the control of the Iranian-backed terrorist Houthi militia.
The Dhamar governorate, and specifically the cities, witnessed a large accumulation and wide spread of garbage heaps in the main and secondary streets and lanes, amid appeals from cleaners and citizens, of the need to remove garbage waste on a daily basis, in conjunction with the heavy rains, which cause the spread of unpleasant odors from the garbage.

A number of cleaning workers confirmed to Khabar Agency reporter that they are ready to go daily to the streets and lanes to collect garbage waste, pointing out that the Houthi militia condones this, evading paying the salaries of cleaning workers, explaining that the militias can pay 3 months’ salaries in one month, because the sums of money What is collected through the fund is very large.

rain water

Heavy rains during the past weeks and days caused severe damage to property in a number of lanes in the city of Dhamar, as a result of the widespread excavations, the spread of piles of garbage, in addition to the overflow of sewage that mixed with rainwater.

As a result of the excavations that were filled with rainwater mixed with sewage water in the streets and entrances, citizens were unable to pass through them, and this doubled the difficulty of moving citizens and going to their work, and even caused the injury of dozens of children.

The agency’s correspondent monitored some of the suffering experienced by the citizens in Dhamar Governorate, during the first third of this month, despite the continuation of this suffering and living with it for more than 9 years, it multiplies more from time to time, and we will continue to follow up and monitor in other reports. We will publish it later.