An urgent solution to the old rent crisis after raising it to the national dialogue

An urgent solution to the old rent crisis after raising it to the national dialogue
An urgent solution to the old rent crisis after raising it to the national dialogue

Representative Heshmat Abu Hajar, a member of the Housing Committee in the House of Representatives, appreciated raising the old rent file to be part of discussions National Dialogue, According to Counselor Mahmoud Fawzi, head of the technical secretariat of the National Dialogue, explaining that exploiting the launch of the national dialogue sessions to open the old rent file to provide effective solutions to end the old rent crisis once and for all, is very important, due to the sensitivity of the old rent file and its utmost importance.

Abu Hajar said in his statements to Sada Al-Balad that the file old rent One of the thorny files that needs a societal dialogue, and therefore the decision to raise it and include it in the discussions of the national dialogue is a step on the right path to clarifying implementable solutions regarding it.

Listing the rented housing units according to the law old rent

A member of the Parliament’s Housing Committee pointed out the need for the government to list the rented housing units in accordance with the law old rentThis is in order to know those who are unable to pay new rents and to ensure their inability.

Regarding dealing with those who are unable, Representative Heshmat Abu Hajar said that we need their support from the government and the provision of housing units belonging to social housing, or their financial support so that they can pay the rental value.

A member of the Housing Committee also stressed the importance of liberating the relationship between the landlord and the tenant, in order to defuse the crisis caused by the old rental law, while giving a transitional period in the new law.

from her side Representative Irene Saeed, a member of the House of Representatives, confirmed that filing a file old rent to be in discussions National DialogueAccording to what Counselor Mahmoud Fawzi, head of the Technical Secretariat of the National Dialogue, announced, a very important step, explaining that the issue of old rent And the accompanying continuous repercussions over the times required a societal dialogue about it.

Saeed added in her statements to Sada El-Balad that she had previously demanded the need for a comprehensive societal dialogue on a file old rent Therefore, there is nothing more appropriate than the national dialogue, as a platform in which community dialogues are conducted by specialists and all spectrums of society and political forces of different orientations, because without a doubt there is a crisis on the ground because of this law and a conflict between the landlord and the tenant and with the increase in economic crises These conflicts are becoming alarming.


Studying the legislative effect of the old lease law

The deputy pointed out to her previous request in the House of Representatives for the importance of studying the legislative impact of the law old rentNoting that this matter came after the ruling of the Supreme Constitutional Court to resolve the conflict between the owner and the tenant of legal entities, commenting: “The most important requirements of the study of the legislative impact is the establishment of a societal dialogue, so what was taken by the Technical Secretariat of the National Dialogue is a necessary step that will find solutions to it after Years in which satisfactory solutions for all parties were absent.

The member of the House of Representatives elaborated in her speech, explaining that studying and listening, of course, contribute to finding satisfactory or at least balanced solutions that help in resolving these crises and do not favor one party at the expense of the other, commenting: “The global economic crises require a review of Old rental law To get out of this matter properly and guarantee the rights of all.

Increase the rental value

Regarding proposing solutions that can be adopted in the upcoming discussions, Saeed indicated the importance of liberating the relationship between the landlord and the tenant, through Increase the rental value Even if by a percentage, hoping to achieve a balance between the landlord and the tenant, because both are harmed.

Dismissal of the contract directly in the old lease law

Representative Irene Saeed indicated that there are some cases that necessitate the termination of the contract directly, as among the tenants are those who possess the material and purchasing power and have real estate to house them and take the right to benefit from what they paid in terms of vacancy or advance, and there are rents that are not completely commensurate with the currency, commenting: “There are EGP rents a month.”

Reconciliation of conditions in the old rental law

Representative Irene Saeed noted that whoever owns another property must reconcile his situation and leave the place, explaining that the law included a sufficient transitional period, let it be 5 years, as happened in Amendment No. 10 of 2022, and most importantly, there are state assets that are not exploited because they are closed due to old rent.

Representative Irene Said concluded, saying: “We are waiting for the outcome of these dialogues, and the listening committees will certainly add a lot, and we hope that the solution to the problem will be translated into reality and submitted to President Sisi for direct implementation.



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