“An impostor is nothing but.” The Dutch scientist is in the crosshairs of an Arab expert

“An impostor is nothing but.” The Dutch scientist is in the crosshairs of an Arab expert
“An impostor is nothing but.” The Dutch scientist is in the crosshairs of an Arab expert

Dutch scientist Frank Hogrebits (from his Twitter account)

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Published in: May 13, 2023: 11:13 AM GST
Last updated: May 13, 2023: 12:09 PM GST

For months, the Dutch scientist Frank Hogrebits, whose name has emerged globally after the devastating earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria at dawn on February 6, has been hijacking the spotlight in the media and on social media.

And recently, he sparked global panic after he warned late last month of earthquakes and relied on the movement of the planets, asking everyone to be on alert in the region during the next few days, which sparked controversy in the scientific community.

This confusion brought him into a quarrel with his Lebanese counterpart, expert Tony Namir, and he repelled Ward on Twitter.

Twitter debate

The story began after Namir announced through his Twitter account that he had received many inquiries about the latest predictions of the Dutch scientist Hogrebits, considering the latter a “charlatan, not a scientist”, and stressing that his allegations are not true at all.


The Lebanese expert called on everyone to ignore the words of the Dutch scientist and his expectations, which he considered never ending.


However, this did not go unnoticed, as Hogarbits published a quick response, in which he said that he had given a warning of a large earthquake on May 9, and that the earthquake occurred the next day with a magnitude of 7.5 in Tonga, considering that, nevertheless, there are still scientists trying Defaming him, in reference to Namir.

The Dutch scientist added that it should be clear by now that these scientists would rather remain ignorant and refuse to look at #SSGI data, which he considered a shame.

Let the Lebanese expert return and comment on Hogrebit’s tweet, stressing that matters are never of a personal nature, considering that the most appropriate place to discuss the ideas of the Dutch world may be during the EGU23 conference, which was held in Vienna last month.


It is noteworthy that the General Assembly of EGU 2023 annually gathers geoscientists from all over the world in one meeting covering all disciplines of Earth, planets and space, which is what the Lebanese expert intended.

Many experts and studies have previously confirmed that the date of earthquakes cannot be predicted, although it is possible to determine their location based on the history of regions and their location on seismic activity plates around the world.

Many scientists have also criticized the theories of Hogarbits, denying the issue of linking the movement of planets and their position to seismic activity.

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