Shameful accusations… Stories of Trump’s harassment and rape of 26 women… What did he do?!


At least 26 women have accused former US President Donald Trump of “sexual misconduct”, including rape and harassment, since the 1970s.
And while Trump is now engaged in major judicial struggles in this regard, Sky News Arabia reviewed the list of these 26 women who accused Trump.

The list came as follows:

1- Jessica Leeds – Accusation: She revealed in 2016 that Trump physically harassed her when he was sitting next to her on a flight in the 1970s.

2- Ivana Trump – Accusation: His first wife accused him, during the divorce case in 1990, of assaulting her during a state of rage.

3- Kristen Anderson – Accusation: The former model said that Trump assaulted her inside a nightclub.

4- Jill Harth – the accusation: a businesswoman who worked with Trump in the nineties, and said that he tried to assault her by force at his resort in Mar-a-Lago.

5. Lisa Bowen – The accusation: During a dinner party in 1996, Trump verbally assaulted the former model, saying indecent things.

6, 7 – Maria Pelado and Victoria Hughes – Charge: The contestants in the Miss Teen America pageant in 1997 alleged that Trump entered their changing room while they were changing clothes.

8. A. Jane Carroll – Accusation: Journalist Carroll said Trump raped her in a changing room at a clothing store.

9. Temple Taggart – The charge: The former Miss Utah said Trump kissed her directly when meeting her at the pageant in 1997.

10 – Kathy Heller – Accusation: She was at the lunch table with her husband and children at the Mar-a-Lago resort, when Trump came to the table, introduced himself, and forcibly kissed her.

11- Amy Dorris – Accusation: Trump forcibly kissed her and held her in his private room at the 1997 US Open tennis tournament.

12- Karina Virginia – Accusation: The yoga instructor said Trump grabbed her by force while she was waiting for a taxi outside the US Open Tennis Championships.

13. Karen Johnson – Charge: Trump grabbed and kissed her without permission during a New Year’s Eve party in 2000.


14 and 15 – Tasha Dixon and Brigitte Sullivan – The charge: The two contestants at the Miss America pageant in 2001 alleged that Trump walked into their changing room while they were changing and stared at them for a while.


16. Melinda McGillvray – The accusation: She said Trump physically harassed her while she was at a concert.

17. Natasha Stoynoff – The Accusation: The journalist accused Trump of sexually assaulting her when she went to report on Trump and his new wife, Melania, in Florida in 2005.

18- Jennifer Murphy – Accusation: The Miss America contestant was in a business meeting with Trump when he forcibly kissed her.

And unlike the rest of the women on the list, Murphy still supports Trump in his campaign.

19- Juliette Hadi – Accusation: Fox News anchor accused him of forcibly kissing her during a meeting at Trump Tower in 2005.

20- Rachel Crooks – The accusation: She accused him of forcibly kissing her during a meeting in Trump Tower in 2005.

21- Samantha Holvey – The accusation: The participant in the Miss America 2006 pageant, which Trump owns, said that he “screened” every contestant himself.

22. Nini Laaksonen – The Accusation: Miss Finland accused him of grabbing her while they were guests of a TV show together in 2006.

23. Jessica Drake – Charge: The porn actress said Trump kissed and grabbed her forcibly, and offered her money to come to his lake house.

24- Summer Zervos – The charge: A contestant on Trump’s “The Apprentice” TV show, said he assaulted her during a meeting in 2007.

25. Cassandra Searles – The accusation: Searles accused Trump of “coercively” examining all the contestants and treating them “like sheep” during the 2013 Miss America pageant.

26- Alpha Johnson – Accusation: An employee of Trump’s election team said Trump forcibly kissed her in Florida in 2016.

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