The accident of Rudina, a child in Qena.. Theft crime behind ending her life – Governorates


The incident of Rudina, a child in Qena, preoccupied the people of Nagaa Hammadi, after she was killed by her neighbor, who got rid of her with a white weapon, then put her in a plastic bag and threw her from the roof of her house in the village of Nagaa Hammadi, before the security services could arrest her.

Rudina accident, a girl in Qena

According to the family of the victim of treachery from her neighbors in the murder of the child Rudina, she was going to the “book” with one of the sheikhs to memorize the Holy Qur’an, and her neighbor lured her to steal her golden earring and then killed her.

Investigations: The child Rudina was killed by her neighbor

Preliminary investigations of the investigations of the Nagaa Hammadi Center, north of Qena Governorate, revealed that the housewife accused of committing the incident was a neighbor of the victim. Her corpse is in a cell phone and I got rid of it.

Investigations confirmed that the accused’s sister went out to the street and shouted loudly, “Follow Yanas, my sister killed Rodina because of the money.” After that, the parents found the body of the child hours after her absence.


The killing of a child in the village of An-Najiyah in Nagaa Hammadi

Major General Ihab Taha, Director of Qena Security, had received a notification from the Qena Governorate Operations Room, stating that the body of the 8-year-old girl, Rodina Muhammad Kamel, was found inside a mobile phone at the top of a house in the village of An-Najiyah in Nagaa Hammadi.

Immediately, the security services moved to the scene, and the body was transferred to the morgue of Naga Hammadi Hospital. A research team was formed to determine the circumstances of the incident, and the accused was arrested.

A report was issued regarding the incident, and the investigation authority was notified to take the necessary legal measures regarding the incident, and it requested investigations into the murder of the child, Rudina.