The resumption of high-level contacts between the United States and China.. What is happening?

The resumption of high-level contacts between the United States and China.. What is happening?
The resumption of high-level contacts between the United States and China.. What is happening?

The White House announced, Thursday, the resumption of high-level relations between the United States and China, after a period of lukewarmness and a war of statements between the two sides, due to the Chinese balloon accused of spying on America, and the reception of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives, the leader of Taiwan, at a time when it seems necessary to resume the normal course of relations between the two countries. . According to analysts and experts who spoke to the constitution.

Washington-based journalist Mohammed Al-Budaiwi said that the resumption of high-level contacts between the United States and China comes after a major crisis in the recent period due to the Chinese balloon accused of espionage. The US Secretary of State was scheduled to visit China, but the United States decided to postpone the visit indefinitely. named.

Al-Budaiwi added to the constitution that, in addition to the balloon crisis, the Speaker of the US House of Representatives recently received the Taiwan leader and Taiwanese officials, which greatly angered China.

He continued by saying: The resumption of negotiations comes as a necessary matter according to Washington’s policy, between a superpower and a rising power, and it is expected to be or try to be an alternative to the United States in many places around the world. It is trying to give itself a high position at the global level. Instead of the world having one pole, the United States, it will be multipolar.

Al-Budaiwi pointed out that the United States does not deal at all, and will not deal in the coming years with China as a second pole, and we cannot forget the history and role of the United States over the past years, and therefore it will not allow a second pole to pull the rug from under its feet.

He explained that there are Arab countries, and other western, or even eastern countries such as China, that are beginning to escape from American hegemony. But at the same time, the United States is trying to return and take control of the spaces it occupied in the past, and other emerging powers such as China are trying to occupy it.


And he went on to say: The United States will deal with China in the coming years as the most prominent enemy. Statements always come from presidents and officials in the United States, always indicating that China is the most prominent enemy during the coming period.

And the researcher on Chinese affairs, Tamara Pro, believes that US-Chinese relations in general are always at stake, their intensity diminishes at times and rises at others, since the visit of former US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan, China suspended its communication with the United States, and after the meeting of US Presidents Joe Biden and the Chinese Xi Jinping At the Bali summit last year, relations were restored, and it was expected that the US Secretary of State would visit China to understand the points of disagreement, but due to the Chinese balloon crisis, this visit was postponed and the United States increased support for its allies in Central Asia.

Berro told Al-Dustour that the resumption of relations now comes after the intertwining of issues between the two countries, as Washington has always expressed its willingness and desire for that, but China was refusing because of Washington’s support for some parties opposing China, but it seems that Beijing saw the global situation now that it needs discussion between the two great powers.

She added, “There are many topics that can be discussed, as the volume of trade exchange between the two countries is large, and China is the largest trading partner of the United States that is threatened with defaulting on its debts. The two countries can discuss the Russian-Ukrainian war and the escalation in the occupied Palestinian territories, climate affairs, and others.” of things.

She concluded her remarks by saying: The United States views China as the only competitor capable of changing the international system, with its capabilities, at a time when it wants to maintain its hegemony over the world, and it does not mind Beijing playing an international role, but on the condition that this role is under the auspices of Washington.



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