New alliances and the emergence as a global center of power.. What are the bets of the Arabs after the Jeddah summit?

New alliances and the emergence as a global center of power.. What are the bets of the Arabs after the Jeddah summit?
New alliances and the emergence as a global center of power.. What are the bets of the Arabs after the Jeddah summit?

Business concluded Arabian Summit Yesterday, Friday, in Jeddah, a summit that many analysts considered exceptional given the international and regional circumstances in the region, most notably the Saudi-Iranian rapprochement, the Egyptian-Turkish rapprochement, the return of Syria to its seat in the university, and the presence of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad at the summit, for the first time in 12 years. .

The summit also witnessed the insistence of Arab leaders on the lips of the Saudi Crown Prince in his opening speech at the summit that we reject the conversion Arab region To an arena of conflict, while the Algerian Prime Minister called on the Arab countries to come together to define new balances that preserve our interests.

An exceptional Arab summit

In this regard, Nizar Jlidi, a Tunisian writer and political analyst, said that during previous summits we are accustomed to the absence of decisive decisions regarding Arab challenges, but the reality now says that The 32nd Arab Summit in JeddahIt is a different summit, compared to several variables, the most important of which is the return of Syria to its seat in the League of Arab States, and the participation of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in the summit, explaining that this summit also comes in light of the political repercussions due to the war between Russia and Ukraine, the establishment of new alliances and the intentions of making new alliances. In the world.

New bets for the Arab countries

Al-Jalidi added, during exclusive statements to “Sada Al-Balad”, that the summit comes in light of the change of the world and the forces active in it, and the first characteristic is that the Arabs took a clear position on the return of Syria, and this represented a clear challenge before them, or the second agreement bloomed that the Arabs are considering entering new alliances They are betting on new axes away from the American axis, and the third agreement is that all consultations take place with great diplomacy and skill.


He stressed that this wisdom and politics confirm that the Arab countries need a final agreement on major problems, especially saving Sudan and the reconstruction of Syria, and saving Tunisia because it is considered the gateway to the Mediterranean.

Arab messages at the 32nd summit in Jeddah

As for the closing statement of the 32nd Arab Summit, which was held in Jeddah, it affirmed the Arabs’ vision on a number of issues, which we will review in the following points:

  • The Palestinian issue is the central issue of the Arab countries, and it is one of the factors of stability in the region, and the Arabs condemn the violations that target the Palestinians.
  • Intensifying efforts to reach a comprehensive and just settlement of the Palestinian issue, based on the two-state solution and in accordance with international references, foremost of which is the Arab Peace Initiative.
  • Calling on the international community to assume its responsibilities to end the occupation and stop the repeated attacks and violations.
  • Emphasis on continuing efforts to protect occupied Jerusalem and its sanctities.
  • Following up on developments in the situation in Sudan, emphasizing the need for calm, giving priority to the language of dialogue and unifying the ranks in order to raise the suffering of the Sudanese people.
  • Building on the Jeddah meetings between the Sudanese parties to end the crisis and restore security.
  • Welcoming the decision of the League Council at the ministerial level to return Syria and the participation of its government in the meetings of the League Council and its affiliated organizations, hoping that this will contribute to supporting the stability of Damascus and preserving its territorial integrity.
  • Support everything that guarantees the security and stability of Yemen, and support international and regional efforts to reach a comprehensive political solution to the crisis, based on the tripartite references represented in the Gulf initiative and its implementation mechanisms, the outcomes of the Yemeni national dialogue, and Security Council Resolution No. 2216.
  • Renewing the support of the Presidential Leadership Council in Yemen to establish security and stability.
  • Solidarity with Lebanon, and urging all parties to engage in dialogue to elect a president who satisfies the aspirations of the Lebanese, ensure the regular work of the constitutional institutions, and approve the required reforms.
  • Emphasis on stopping foreign interference in the affairs of Arab countries, refusing to support armed groups and militias outside the scope of state institutions, and that internal military conflicts will not lead to the victory of one party, but rather exacerbate the suffering of peoples.
  • Sustainable development, security, stability and living in peace are an inherent right of the Arab citizen.
  • Plans based on investing resources, opportunities, and addressing challenges are capable of localizing development and investing in technology to achieve a comprehensive Arab industrial and agricultural renaissance that integrates the capabilities of Arabs.
  • Not to interfere in the affairs of others, under any pretext, and to express our commitment and pride in our values ​​and culture based on dialogue, tolerance and openness, and considering cultural diversity as enriching the values ​​of understanding and coexistence.
  • To categorically reject the hegemony of one culture, and use it as a pretext to interfere in the internal affairs of our Arab countries.

Economic and cultural… Future Arab initiatives

As for the initiative, the closing statement of the Arab Summit emphasized a number of initiatives that would contribute to advancing joint Arab action in the cultural, economic, social and environmental fields, as follows:

  • An initiative to teach Arabic to non-native speakers, which targets the second and third generation of Arab immigrants.
  • The Culture and Green Future initiative, which aims to raise the level of commitment of the cultural sector in the Arab countries towards the goals of sustainable development, develop cultural policies related to sustainability, and contribute to supporting environmentally friendly cultural practices and employing them in supporting the creative economy in the Arab countries.
  • The initiative to sustain the supply chains of basic food commodities for the Arab countries, which relies mainly on a set of activities and the provision of investment opportunities with economic and financial feasibility that contribute to achieving food security for the Arab world.
  • An initiative of research and excellence in the water desalination industry and its solutions, with the aim of stimulating scientific and applied research and innovation in the desalinated water production industry and water solutions for interested and needy countries.
  • An initiative to establish an intellectual incubator for research and studies in sustainability and economic development, which would embrace new directions and ideas in the field of sustainable development and highlight the importance of sustainable development initiatives in the Arab region to enhance joint and multilateral interest in research cooperation and the conclusion of strategic partnerships.