It leads to death.. Signs of a serious illness

It leads to death.. Signs of a serious illness
It leads to death.. Signs of a serious illness

Tell me – electrocution of the heart has become a great danger, as it is one of the most important causes of sudden death, and doctors have warned about it, and pay attention to its seriousness, as the electrocution in the heart means a disturbance in the heartbeat by acceleration, deceleration, or irregularity.

And because the heart is a muscle fed by a network of nerves, and any defect leads to an electrical disturbance in the heart due to a lack of blood flow loaded with oxygen in the vital organs, and an imbalance in the electrical heart occurs as a result of myocardial fibrosis, which occurs as a result of a deficiency in the coronary arteries..we review in the report The following are the most important symptoms and signs that warn of a defect in the heart’s electricity, according to the Medicalxpress website.

Scientific studies have confirmed that the heart’s electricity is the system that controls the heart’s rhythm and regularity, as it contracts at a rate of 60 to 100 times per minute, and in order to achieve this regular rate, an electrical signal must be issued from a group of cells located above the right atrium, and its role can be likened to the maestro who It controls the heart rhythm.

Serious symptoms and indicators

There are some symptoms, if you feel them, you should immediately go to the nearest hospital, because they are caused by a defect in the heart’s electricity, which are:

Chest palpitations

Rapid heartbeat This can be easily noticed by placing their hands on the heart, especially at times when the person is not doing an activity that requires a lot of movement.

⁃ slow heartbeat

⁃ For children, rapid exhaustion when playing, especially if you notice that the child lies on the ground a lot and puts his hand on his heart.

chest pain

– shortness of breath

Vertigo or dizziness

⁃ Severe heart disturbance, especially if the person does not perform any activity that requires that.

⁃ Feeling pain in the heart.

⁃ Unconsciousness.


⁃ Pale face color.

Profuse sweat

– The occurrence of cases of complete or partial fainting

⁃ Sleep Apnea.

⁃ Low levels of calcium, potassium or magnesium.

Methods of prevention to prevent electrolyte imbalances

Follow a varied healthy diet

⁃ Reduce the use of salt and fat.

⁃ Quit Smoking.

⁃ Regular exercise.

⁃ Getting rid of obesity and excess weight

⁃ Reduce anger, stress.

⁃ Refrain from consuming alcohol

⁃ Reducing the intake of fats that raise cholesterol