The date of the next Al-Ahly match in the African Champions League final

The date of the next Al-Ahly match in the African Champions League final
The date of the next Al-Ahly match in the African Champions League final

Al-AhlyAl-Ahly club’s first football team decided to qualify for the CAF Champions League final for the current season 2022-2023, after defeating its Tunisian counterpart, Esperance, 4-0 in the two-legged aggregate.

Al-Ahly surpasses Esperance by three rounds

Al-Ahly defeated Esperance de Tunis, 3-0, in the match that was held at Stade de Rades on Friday, May 12th, before confirming its superiority over the Tunisian team by beating it with a clean goal in the return match that brought the two teams together yesterday, Friday, with a clean goal.

The date of the next Al-Ahly match

Al-Ahly is currently preparing to play the first leg in the CAF Champions League final on June 4, against the winner of today’s meeting, Saturday, between South Africa’s Sun Downs and Moroccan Wydad, while the return match between the two sides of the final round will be held on June 11.

Tunisia’s Esperance team, veto

Al-Ahly eliminates the Tunisian Esperance

Al-Ahly achieved a deserved victory at the expense of its Tunisian guest, Esperance, with a free goal, in the meeting that brought the two teams together at Cairo International Stadium, in the second leg of the African Champions League semi-finals, so that the Red Genie snatched the official qualification card for the final round of the tournament, awaiting the qualifier from today’s meeting between the South African Sun Downs. And Moroccan Wydad.

The match started with an offensive rush for the Esperance team, hoping to narrow the loss difference in the first-leg match in Tunisia by three clean goals, but it did not last long and Al-Ahly quickly entered the atmosphere of the meeting, and Al-Ahly’s offensive fangs appeared in the 5th minute via Kahraba, where he hit a cross with great skill, but it bounced off the post. , but the Al-Ahly striker was in an offside position.

Play subsided in the midfield area after the first five minutes, due to the close control of the two teams’ play keys, and Al-Ahly players’ reliance on many passes to save effort and deny Esperance the opportunity to score an early goal.

The 21st minute witnesses the first word of the Red Genie by scoring the first goal with Hussein Al-Shahat’s foot, who managed from a charming pass from Percy Tau to be alone in the goal and hit the ball with great skill from the left side, to collide with the goalkeeper’s body and enter the net, and the result becomes Al-Ahly’s progress with the first goal.

The second half started at the same pace as the first, with an offensive rush on the part of the Esperance players, in search of a face-saving goal, after Al-Ahmar scored his fourth goal in the two-legged aggregate.


Al-Ahly players maintained the style of playing the first half, which is keeping the ball and many passes, to export frustration to the Esperance players, in addition to saving their efforts in preparation for the two final league matches.

Al-Ahly almost snatched its second goal in the 68th minute by Kahraba alone, but he lost his balance inside the penalty area and passed the ball to Hussein Al-Shahat, who curved it towards the Esperance goal, but Muhammad Amin Togay saved it with his head to save his team from a confirmed second goal.

The 73rd minute witnessed the exit of Hussein Al-Shahat Hamdi Fathi and Percy Tao, and the entry of Afshah, Ahmed Abdel-Qader and Taher Muhammad Taher to renew the blood.

In the 82nd minute, Ali Maaloul and Marawan Attia left the match stadium, to be replaced by the duo Amr Al-Souliya and Khaled Abdel-Fattah.

Al-Ahly defender Yasser Ibrahim hit a powerful shell in the 87th minute that almost hit the Tunisian net, but it just went over the crossbar.

The Al-Ahly siege of the Esperance players continued in the middle of their stadium in the last minutes of the match, until the referee blew his whistle announcing Al-Ahly’s victory over Al-Taraji with a clean goal, after he had previously won the first leg in Tunisia by three goals.

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