Ukrainian forces shell the territory of Donetsk region 48 times in a day – world news


During the past 24 hours, Ukrainian forces bombed the territory of Donetsk canton 48 times, using 171 ammunition of different calibers, while the shelling resulted in the injury of two civilians.

Earlier, Ukrainian forces bombed, with 4 long-range missiles, the city of Mariupol, in the southeast of the country.

In the early hours of Saturday, sirens sounded in Kiev, while the military administration said that the Ukrainian capital was being attacked by drones, noting that the Ukrainian air defenses were confronting Russian drones in the city’s airspace, according to Sky News. newsletter.

A fire broke out in «Dnipro» due to the fall of the debris of a march

The military administration in Kiev revealed, in preliminary information, a fire in a 10-storey building in the Darnitsya district of the Ukrainian capital, while the “Kiev mayor” indicated that debris from a march or a missile had caused a fire in the “Dnipro neighborhood.”

Commenting on the new sanctions against the country, the Russian ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Antonov, said that emerging economies around the world are aware of the harm that Washington’s policies cause to their vital interests and will turn their backs on them, according to the Russian news agency RIA Novosti.


The White House spends billions to finance its proxy war against Russia

The Russian news agency Sputnik said that the US presidency, the White House, has spent billions to finance its proxy war against Russia, adding that Washington’s massive military aid to Ukraine is already in great concern among Americans.

An accounting error that revealed the hidden led Washington to overestimate about $3 billion in estimating the supplies sent to Ukraine, as the Pentagon used the replacement cost to evaluate the weapons instead of the value of the weapon when it was purchased and consumed.

US Congressman for the Republican Party, Paul Gosar, said that the world needs a settlement of the Ukrainian crisis, not new deliveries of deadly weapons and murders, adding to RIA Novosti that reports that the Pentagon may have deliberately increased The prices for military equipment that he sent to Ukraine are very alarming.

Gusar added that such accounting tricks open the door for us to new arms shipments to Ukraine, according to the Russian RIA Novosti news agency.