Foods to treat indigestion and gas


Follow-up – Zahraa Khalifa

Consultant obesity and clinical nutrition, Dr. Ahmed Sabry, shared his treatment of indigestion and gases on his official Facebook page.

Indigestion and gas remedies include:

Divide three large meals into smaller meals.

Avoid caffeinated drinks.

Avoid taking certain medications unless your doctor prescribes them.


Doing different types of exercises to get rid of body fat, burn oils, process waste and toxins, and digest food.


Take the medications prescribed by your doctor, which are acid-neutralizing drugs in the stomach, and antibiotics that kill the bacteria that cause stomach ulcers and indigestion.

Avoid sources of anxiety, tension and stress, as they are among the important factors that contribute to flatulence and indigestion.

Ginger digestion: Boiling ginger and drinking it hot helps digestion by activating the ability of the stomach muscles to digest faster and more efficiently.

Orange peel: by chewing, it is used in the treatment of ulcers that affect the stomach, as it improves appetite and increases the secretion of gastric juice for ease and speed of digestion in a way that eliminates pain and suffering, and it is advised to adhere to it. If the problem persists.

Pineapple by drinking its juice before eating fatty foods and foods, as it helps to digest them efficiently and easily



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