We will strengthen our position in the Gulf waters after detecting Iranian threats

We will strengthen our position in the Gulf waters after detecting Iranian threats
We will strengthen our position in the Gulf waters after detecting Iranian threats

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Published in: May 12, 2023: 08:01 PM GST
Last updated: May 12, 2023: 09:02 PM GST

The United States announced on Friday that it would send military reinforcements to the Gulf in light of the increasing Iranian “threats” to ships in the waters of the oil-rich region.

This comes in the wake of Tehran’s detention of two oil tankers in the Gulf waters, one of which was bound for the United States.

Strengthen the defensive position

“The Department of Defense will take a series of moves to strengthen our defense posture,” said John Kirby, a spokesman for the National Security Council at the White House, noting that “details about these reinforcements will be issued in the coming days.”

Kirby stressed that Iran had “harassed, attacked, or interfered” with 15 merchant ships flying the flag of foreign countries over the past 15 years.

Threat to navigation

Kirby renewed the accusation that Iran threatens navigation in the Gulf waters.


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“We have seen repeated Iranian threats, seizures by force of arms and attacks against those who carry out shipping business and exercise the rights and freedom of navigation in international waters and the strategic waters of the region,” he said.

He also stressed that Washington “will not allow any foreign or regional powers to threaten freedom of navigation through the waterways of the Middle East, including the Strait of Hormuz,” through which a fifth of international oil exports pass.

Increase vessel rotation

In the context, Vice Admiral Brad Cooper, Commander of the Central Command of the US Naval Forces, the Fifth Fleet and the Combined Maritime Forces, confirmed that there is cooperation with allies to increase the rotation of ships and aircraft in the Strait of Hormuz, indicating that the increase of the multinational force in the Strait of Hormuz will prevent Iran from threatening ships.

He said Iran must stop illegally seizing and harassing ships.


Over the past years, the arch-enemies, Washington and Tehran, have exchanged accusations over a series of incidents in the Gulf waters, including attacks on ships, the shooting down of a drone, and the seizure of oil tankers.

The Gulf waters have witnessed a series of tensions in the past years, the latest of which was the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s detention on May 3 of an oil tanker flying the Panamanian flag in the strategic Strait of Hormuz, according to what the US Navy and Tehran announced.

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