The high price of a popular bone-strengthening food supplement

The high price of a popular bone-strengthening food supplement
The high price of a popular bone-strengthening food supplement

The price of the dietary supplement “Calcitron”, which is one of the important vitamins that provides the body with calcium to strengthen bones, increased to 102 pounds instead of 69 pounds for a package containing 30 tablets.

drug market

The Egyptian drug market witnessed an increase in the price of Zithrocan 500 gm capsule from 32.5 pounds to 40.5 pounds.

Zithrocan 500 is an effective antibiotic used to treat various types of infections caused by bacteria.

And the prices of medicines recorded a new increase, as the price of vitamin C “C Retard Capsule” increased from 16 pounds to 22.5 pounds, and it is one of the important vitamins used to raise immunity and provide the body with vitamin C.

The Egyptian drug market is witnessing an increase in drug prices, as the prices of a number of eye drops products have increased, including Systane, which moisturizes the eyes and protects against dryness.

The price increase came as follows:
1- Original systane from 145 pounds to 255 pounds.
2- systane ultra from 185 to 290 pounds.

Increasing the prices of medicines and nutritional supplements

Also, the prices of medicines and nutritional supplements recorded a continuous increase during the past days, as the price of the food supplement Ivyrospan increased to 37.5 pounds instead of 30 pounds.

Ivyrospan syrup is used as an antitussive, mucolytic, improving bronchial functions and relieving symptoms resulting from inflammation of the respiratory tract.

Some types of antibiotics witnessed an increase in their prices in the Egyptian drug market.

Antibiotic prices

And in monitoring a number of these items, according to the owners of the pharmacies, the most important items that witnessed an increase in their prices during the last period included:

1- Augmentin 1 gram tablets, priced at 99 pounds.


2- Clavimox 1 gram at 76.5 pounds.

3- Flumox 1 gram at 53.5 pounds.

4- Flumox 500 at 40.5 pounds.

5- Megamox 625 tablets at 75 pounds.

High price of congestal tablets and syrup

While the price of Congestal tablets increased from 19.5 pounds to 26 pounds, while the syrup drug from 10.5 pounds to 16.5 pounds.

Kongstal is used to treat the symptoms of colds, sneezing, runny nose, and also cases of watery eyes, remove congestion, treat influenza, and itching in the nose or throat.

During the current period, the medicine market witnessed a movement in the prices of a number of pharmaceutical items, including nutritional supplements, antibiotics, medicines to treat respiratory and digestive diseases, and medicines for children.

Pharmaceutical companies submitted requests to the Egyptian Medicines Authority to move the prices of medicines that incur losses due to their production after the dollar price increase, especially since all production requirements are imported from abroad.

Drug pricing in the Egyptian Medicines Authority

There is a committee dedicated to drug pricing in the Egyptian Medicines Authority, whose role is to study companies’ requests to move drug prices and issue approvals to increase drug prices after studying whether they are worth the increase or not.

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