Stronger than rumors.. Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck confirm the strength of their relationship


It seems that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s relationship was not affected by what was monitored yesterday from the eyes of the paparazzi when they appeared to be very tense during Lopez’s celebration of the screening of her latest movie, The Mother, when she appeared warning her husband, while he looked frowning, which launched a campaign of comments. On those photos via social media, remembering what happened at the Grammys of similar photos that made some speculate about the approaching end of the relationship.

However, on the second day, they appeared together while walking, and laughter dominated their faces greatly, as mentioned in the Daily Mail report, as if it was a message to everyone about the strength of their relationship.

Lopez with Ben Affleck

It is worth noting that what happened during her movie party is not the first in the history of their relationship over the course of two years, and the matter has already happened to them before, after the same situation had previously occurred, when they were together at the Grammy party, and Ben Affleck showed signs of distress from Lopez’s warnings and her demand for him. Need to smile more.


Lopez and Ben Affleck

On the other hand, international star Jennifer Lopez previously supported her husband, international star Ben Affleck, during the special screening of his new movie Air, where they entered together on the red carpet, and Lopez embraced her husband at the show in Los Angeles, to congratulate him on the success of the film.

And Jennifer, 52, looked charming at the time in a dress of white and neon green, and the upper part, which reached her neck, was decorated with rows of shiny rhinestones.

The dress was long-sleeved, and the length covered her shoes, which the singer and actress paired with a slender, shimmering handbag that perfectly matched the top half of her dress. She completed the look by styling her caramel-colored hair into an elegant bun.