Economist: Investment and production will curb inflation and price gouging


Dr. Sayed Khedr, an economist, said that inflation has now become very destructive, as it is witnessing a widespread and continuous increase in the prices of goods and services in the country over the long term.

price inflation

The process of controlling prices in the markets

Khader explained in exclusive statements to “Ahl Masr” that the process of controlling prices in the markets comes according to supply and control over the types of commodities, which does not necessarily mean avoiding exacerbating inflation completely, especially since in both cases, whether high inflation or low inflation rates in both cases is considered risk to the economy.

A balance must be achieved in inflation rates

The economist stressed that a balance must be achieved in inflation rates, as inflation occurs due to the mere existence of economic activity.


He added that what governments are seeking is to prevent matters from getting out of control, to revive the economy again, increase investments, and avoid recession for a long time, but strict control of the Egyptian internal markets must be carried out during the coming period, because the price rate will increase rapidly.

Geopolitical events have an impact on the price supply

He pointed out that geopolitical events have an impact on the supply of prices, and that the rise in prices increases the instability of the currency, as well as its role in facing US inflation, which will affect many macroeconomic indicators, including the inflation rate, as well as the rise in global oil prices in light of what it suffers from, as the period witnessed The past many fluctuations in the process of increasing those geopolitical events and conflicts and the continuation of the US Federal Reserve to raise the interest rate, which has significant effects on the rise in gold prices as well.

work increments

Khadr believes that it must activate and support economies and operate according to a cyclical nature, which begins with the expansion of economic activity through increasing investments and major projects in order to finally return to a state of full recovery, and work to rotate the wheel of production that contributes to increasing the rate of economic growth, in order for there to be More job opportunities, and thus the income of the population increases and with it increases their spending, and this calls for more production to meet the increasing demand, and to do that companies need more workers, and this creates greater opportunities, increases income and reduces the rate of unemployment faster, workers’ wages rise and the standard of living improves, with the increase in capacity Productivity of strategic and food commodities in order to achieve a balance in the inflation rate during the coming period.

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