You can now play the new The Legend of Zelda on PC!


Before its official release, The Legend of The Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom can now be played on PC via an emulator! The long-awaited new Nintendo exclusive hasn’t even been released yet, but the game files are already leaked now.

Based on these files, the game is now playable via the Nintendo Switch emulator on PC, although it will not be released for the platform originally. It may be good news for PC users who are Zelda fans, but it also means that clips and events from the game will inevitably be leaked; So beware of any rumors or news dealing with details of the game in the coming period.

According to those who modded the game for the emulators, The Legend of The Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom now only works on the Ryujinx emulator, but it’s only a matter of time before it’s available on other emulators for sure, just like it did with its predecessor, Breath of The Wild.


But the game on the emulator still needs more performance improvement to run smoothly and without problems affecting the experience, and we do not recommend playing it now before its official release. Nintendo hasn’t responded to the leak yet, and it’s hard to deal with it now since the files are all over the internet.

The Legend of The Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom releases on May 12th exclusively on Nintendo Switch, and will be the first platform game to come for $70.