Sons of the Forest Patch 05 adds a lot of water, and new Kelvin commands

Sons of the Forest Patch 05 adds a lot of water, and new Kelvin commands
Sons of the Forest Patch 05 adds a lot of water, and new Kelvin commands

Endnight Games has released Update 05 for Children of the ForestFollow-up to the 2018 Indie title the forestAnd adding a lot of changes, improvements and bug fixes. With the highly anticipated recent releases Dead Island 2 And Resident Evil 4 A new edition, as well as new entries coming in last And Layers of fear series, it’s clear that the survival horror genre is thriving this generation.

It was released as early as a few months ago, Children of the Forest It already had several major updates, with the studio putting a lot of effort into getting the game into shape before its final release, whenever possible. Its horror elements combined with the co-op elements made it a huge hit when it debuted, selling two million copies within 24 hours. While the hype has died down a bit since then, the sequel still has a loyal following.

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The developer seems keen to bid Children of the Forest Lots of love, and Patch 05 continues to add improvements to the title. According to a recent post on the game’s Steam page, this latest significant update implements a number of changes, such as adding 79 new ponds and 34 new lakes, giving players the ability to play guitar, adding new wearable outfits, and updating the GPS map to reflect locations. new, and much more. There are also plenty of bug fixes, the main one being that players can no longer drink lava, as well as some tweaks to Kelvin to make him a more useful character.

When it was released, it became Kelvin Children of the ForestThe NPC of the star. In the game, his role is not only to assist the player by carrying out a series of commands, such as collecting firewood, but also to provide company for those who go about it alone. Of course, it’s by no means perfect, especially considering the game is still in early access, but it’s getting better all the time, and patch 05 adds new commands that now allow it to reset traps and fill log stores.


As mentioned earlier, there was a lot of hype for Endnight right before and shortly after its release, although it quickly diminished. However, at some point Children of the Forest It was the most favorite game on Steam, even beating it starfield. This is certainly no mean feat for an indie studio.

Sons of the Forest Update 05 patch notes:


  • Buildable basic and advanced log sled
  • Tree regrowth (the setting is on by default) with a 10% chance to randomly regrow when asleep
  • Findable cooking utensils and a new advanced cooking system
  • Fabrics can now be added to log structures
  • 2 new found clips added
  • The location of the sailing boats on the beach has been added
  • 79 new lakes and 34 new lakes have been added to the map
  • You can now play the guitar
  • Timmy’s shapeshifting arm has been added to the demonic battle scene
  • A new wearable item has been added
  • Added new Kelvin commands to reset traps, fill log sleds, and fill drying racks with fish


  • Days Survived now shows the correct reading if the player dies during the final interactive scene by jumping into the fan blades
  • Village cannibals will now occasionally engage in a fight strength test with another cannibal
  • Fear of cannibals is now affected by group size, cannibals will have more fear, large cannibal groups will have less
  • The gun barrel is now on the side of the gun instead of on top to avoid obstructing the view
  • Turtles will now only lay their eggs on the sand
  • Sometimes the muddy gets bored of the player and runs away if not angry
  • Added Timmy mutant arm images to the demon boss cut-off scene
  • Low priority for female cannibals that steal logs
  • Vultures may now steal dead fish
  • Throwing corpses onto spring traps now sends them flying through the air
  • Adding moldy food and dead flowers to the banquet hall
  • Timmy will now block the exit to the Hell Cave even after defeating the Demon Boss
  • Timmy’s jacket will now be ripped after the demon boss battle scene
  • GPS map updated with latest lakes and rivers
  • The dead little birds are now floating in the water
  • Fix for duplicate records in storage triggers
  • Knight V has improved luminosity when shooting
  • Enforce the maximum length of the server name
  • Improved lobby menu performance in preparation for an upcoming feature
  • Improved support for loading into large multiplayer saves and help with disappearing structures
  • Rotate the gun into the weapon case in the inventory so that the adjustments are visible now that they are off to the side
  • Added localized display names for POI notifications
  • The player no longer beeps when refilling a container with liquid
  • The 3D printer will again update the resin volume reading when the printer is refilled
  • If an item instance unit fails to deserialize on load, it will no longer stop loading the rest of the players’ inventory
  • Rename cache locations to be more visible when they are discovered
  • Improved sidewalks equalize the distance
  • Added more tree moss/vines in map areas
  • Improved cellar lighting for food
  • Fancy Bunker details added; More decorative items, vases, more bodies
  • A cooking pot pickup was added to a technical apartment in the basement residence
  • Looking around now updates target cut position when aiming at a log equipped with an axe (before it only counted on first target)
  • Holes can no longer be cut in floors supporting furniture or windows from a wall supporting wall structures
  • Kelvin will now choose another tree to chop if a tree structure is placed on it
  • Kelvin’s order will be complete with thumbs up if there are no more arrows/bolts, raspberries or radios to retrieve and drop
  • Kelvin will now have the berries in his hand when eating them. In fishing you will have fish upon initial capture
  • Failure has been added
  • Safe protection against enemies that fall into the world and not disable
  • Multiple customers will now see the appropriate Virginia GPS locator type instead of the default icon
  • Existing wetness on characters now recurs for multiplayer clients
  • The chainsaw’s acceleration status will now be heard and seen by other players and the spin speed will stop when it drops
  • Fix small birds flying under the surface of the water when flying over deep lakes
  • Fixed an issue with collecting fish


  • He could no longer drink lava
  • Fixed under lava images
  • The snow blockage volumes and static humidity used in select global locations are not configured correctly
  • Fixed a player’s visual arm appearing sometimes when landing from a fall or jump
  • Fixed twins do not always turn towards the player before taunting
  • Fixed fingers stuck idle after burning death
  • Fixed the effect of projectiles on hard surfaces not repeating with other players in multiplayer
  • Fixed Player can sometimes interact with other players when Notepad is open, which can cause the player to get stuck
  • Steady cannibals do not stay gregarious to the edge of the tree while they shimmy around the tree
  • Fixed a bug where cannibals could damage pieces while blocking
  • Fixed a cannibal slime getting angry at the player if they hit a rock thrown by another slime
  • Fixed some cases of Cannibals being blocked by being hit in or over the head
  • Fixed slime when standing instead of crouching
  • Fixed eating dead squirrels does not increase character’s fullness status
  • Fixed some cases of distant shots of sitting and jumping on the rock
  • Fixed a cave shark that was sometimes killed by reptiles
  • Fixed multiplayer client logs not breaking leaves when away from the server player
  • Fixed multiplayer agent records not causing the strike reaction on enemies
  • Fixed multiplayer operators not seeing burn effects when throwing dead puffs into fire
  • Fixed multiplayer operators not being able to place cannibals in the injured party state and fixed some animation blending and smoothing issues in the injured state
  • Fixed Kelvin radios deactivating when moved away from original location, fixed load position visuals for multiplayer clients
  • Kelvin will no longer pick up broken radios
  • Fixed Kelvin when moving away from the tree target being unable to find another tree to scan automatically
  • Kelvin Finish Structure Order; Fixed some issues with calculating required records. If he was carrying unused items, they would now be dropped on the ground
  • Fixed a case where Kelvin was holding one log instead of putting it down and then cutting down a tree
  • Fixed a kelvin stuck if the holder it was filling was removed or damaged. Now the item will drop off and complete the order
  • Fixed Kelvin’s attempt and failure to fill the item holders above ground
  • Fixed a case where a tilting beam could attach a free-role to a structure on an incompatible placement grid
  • A fixed context allows a beam to be placed with the same support on both ends so that it is neither a peak nor a wall
  • Placing a separate fixed column creates a sagging column if it fails to find a supporting floor, now properly prevents it from being placed if there is no bellowing ground (can happen when going down a slope for example)
  • Fixed one case where quickly sharpening stick posts would cause the cut animation to fail on subsequent cuts
  • The repaired player gets stuck in the load log animation by quickly placing a log and taking it from the log holder
  • It is sometimes difficult to target quarters of static dynamic logs
  • The Hard Repair tool access box is active while it is being prepared
  • Fixed some LODs history quartile bug settings (performance improvement)
  • Fixed Defensive Walls and DW Gates cannot be damaged by a player’s melee strikes
  • Inclined fixed beams sometimes accept columns on top of the lower end before panels are added
  • Fixed defensive wall bolt cuts bringing the player too close making subsequent cuts difficult to aim
  • Fixed some localized entries in configuration menus not displaying correctly on Windows devices that are set to Turkish display language
  • Logging with an ax tutorial should now only be run the first time
  • Battery indicator on NVGs should not disappear after performing certain actions, fixed flickering/distortion that may appear for some players on late game saves
  • Increased the reflection probe atlas to 4096 x 2048 (should fix issues where reflection probes would break/show wrong probes)
  • The burnt bloat should now look correct/not distort
  • Fix for 3D printer not displaying correct initial amount of resin
  • 3D printed skates can no longer be placed on the crafting mat

My voice

  • The player sound has been improved for other players in multiplayer
  • Some Timmy’s voice acting was added to the gold chamber scene
  • Go chainsaw to cut volume faster
  • Decreased fade time on the introductory helicopter crash music
  • Making the first look at a 3D guitar scale
  • Added alert sounds when opening a helicopter crash
  • Improved the devil’s head voice
  • Set a few different little things in the bunkers/morgue to get accented surfaces for impact sounds and get melee effect physics
  • Added ragdoll effect sounds to deer and baby

Children of the Forest Now available in early access on PC.

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