How to find a lost iPhone using an Android phone | technology | Saraya News Agency

How to find a lost iPhone using an Android phone | technology | Saraya News Agency
How to find a lost iPhone using an Android phone | technology | Saraya News Agency

Saraya – Many smartphone users suffer from the problem of losing their devices, especially iPhone users, and this leads to the loss of important information and private data on those devices. In addition to the financial value of a smartphone, it also packs important and private information.

Find My app
That’s why iPhones have a built-in tracking app called Find My that you can use to find your iPhone if you lose it using one of your other Apple devices, and you can use any Android phone to find your lost iPhone using Find My.

According to technology experts, there are many methods that can be followed to track a lost iPhone using an Android phone.

How to use Find My on Android?
The Find My application on iPhone phones allows you to easily track the location of your phone in time from Apple devices such as: Mac computer or iPad, even if it is connected, low, or low.

To access the Find My Website service in the iCloud website in the Android web app and website, follow these steps:

• Open the website on Android, then go to

• Sign in with your Apple ID and password. If Android isn’t using it, make sure to use (stealth mode) Incognito Mode Sign out of iCloud after you’re done.

• Click on the Search for devices button located at the bottom of the screen.

On the next page, you will be able to see the current location to display in the map, trace it to display.

• On the next page, for example: You can activate (Lost Mode) to prevent unauthorized access to your iPhone, and you may be able to recover the device’s data.

How to find an iPhone using Google Maps in Android?
To do this, you must install the Google Maps application on the iPhone and activate (location history) before you lose your phone, and the Android “Google Maps” application will work to find it, and to try this method, follow these steps:

• Open the Google Maps application on the Android phone, and sign in using the same Google account that you used on the iPhone.

• Click on your account picture shown in the upper right corner, then choose (your schedule).


• See the most recent history of the locations you have visited and try the place where you may have lost your phone.

Use a third party phone tracker app
The user can also find the lost iPhone using the “phone tracking” application on the iPhone before losing it, and “phone tracking” applications or location sharing applications to recover the lost iPhone can show images in the global GPS application to locate a presentation, and among these Applications, Life360 application available for Android and iPhone users.

You must install this app in your phone before losing it, then log into your Life360 account from your Android phone and track the iPhone’s current location.

Turn off the phone if it is lost
In the same context, Google has provided an option that allows users to control their phones remotely, turn off the lost or stolen phone, and send a message to the thief.

This option is known as “Android Manager” or “Find My Device Service” from “Google”, which enables all users of Android phones and devices to lock and lock stolen phones remotely with a password, so that whoever has your phone will not be able to access the phone except by knowing the password that you set. you set.

Steps to turn off the phone when lost:
• Sign in with the same Google account used in the phone on your computer from any internet browser, then go to this site

• After logging in, click on the “Device Lock” option, and your phone will be locked and secured immediately.

• As for the recovery message and phone number field, it is optional, but very important. With the recovery message, you can write any message that appears on your phone’s main screen to whoever found your phone.

• As for the phone number field, it is also very important, where you can write any phone number of your own and when you check your phone, the person who got the phone can call this number through the main screen.

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