The negotiations between Tottenham and Nagselman fell through, who will replace him?


Tottenham’s confusing season will continue tomorrow (Saturday, 17:00, Sport1) when the Roosters travel to Birmingham for a tough away game against Aston Villa who will be looking to get back into the top 6 at the expense of Ryan Mason’s side.

Between the decrease in capacity and the frequent dismissals of coaches this season at the Spurs, Daniel Levy, the club’s owner, continues to search for the right man to stand on the lines in London next season. After it seemed already that Julian Nagelsmann would get the keys to the ambitious project, the negotiations between the parties fell through and according to a report in the ‘Daily Mail’, Levy dropped the option of the German coach, despite the great respect that the Roosters’ professional team has for Nagelsmann.

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Julian Nagelsmann coach of Bayern Munich | Imagebank GettyImages

Now, with new rumors that the German will eventually succeed Carlo Ancelotti at Real Madrid at the end of the season, Tottenham will continue to look for their next manager, with three main names currently in the running – Luis Enrique, Roberto de Zerbi and Arna Sloot. The Spaniard is the only one currently available in the coaching market, with De Zerbi on the Queen at Brighton and Slote at Feyenoord, but Levy is not content with that and wants to appoint a new sports director for the club who will work to land bright names ahead of this summer’s transfer window.

“They passed us like planes.” Luis Enrique | Reuters

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Aston Villa – Tottenham
Tottenham – Brentford
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