Ohana: “Yitzchak? Angalidis and Goldhar are responsible for the failure”


Maccabi Tel Aviv has undergone quite a professional upheaval in the past week: last Friday, it announced the return of Ben Mansford to the position of CEO – and yesterday (Wednesday) the farewell to Barak Itzhaki, who served as the professional manager for the past two years. , following the disappointing season – the one who summarized and analyzed the situation was the commentator, Eli Ohana, in the “Press Stand”.

“They appointed him to the position, but what did they give him?”, Ohana referred to Yitzhak. “It’s possible that he came and said he wanted to leave, maybe he expected support and the statement that it’s not just your fault, let’s try to change and improve. He probably offered to leave, and they accepted it. What Barak Itzhaki did, is that he tried to test the team’s desire to keep him They didn’t want him at Maccabi Tel Aviv, they didn’t give him powers and show him the way out, I’ve always said that. A professional manager is a significant position, but on the condition that you are given tools and powers.”

“Anglidis receives most of the powers, he is the man who makes the decisions, and nothing sticks to him. According to him, there is nothing in coaches, salaries and players. In the end, Barak Yitzhaki is caught. It is understandable that he left, if you come to you and say, ‘You may be right, leave.’ , you can understand him.”

“Yitzhaki did not decide to release Ivić nor Gloch. Not to release Ivić and keep Gloch, it is possible that Maccabi would now be a champion or a contender for the championship, it was not Yitzhak who decided that. Goldhar needs to take stock of himself if it is right to leave a figure like Anglidis “.

“In the case of Maccabi Tel Aviv, the fish stinks, Goldhar is responsible for all the mistakes. If you appointed people, give them the powers, if you don’t then it’s your fault. We need to bring in good foreigners, fight for the Israelis and change the coach. If they do the good things and it sticks, I won’t be surprised if next season she will be champion.”

“Show him the way out.” Itzhaki (Photo: Maor Alxalsi)

“He is the man who decides, and nothing sticks to him.” Anglidis (photo: Alan Shiver)



“Give the people the authority.” Goldhar (Photo: Yaron Shalom)

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