Telenovela: Back to the firing storm of Bacher from KSH


8 years have passed since one of the moments that probably changed Israeli football. Barak Becher, then a young coach who won the state cup with Ironi Kiryat Shmona, was unexpectedly fired by Izzy Sharetzky, just before the end of the season. The reason: a negotiation that took place, according to the owner, behind his back between the coach and Hapoel BS, so what really happened there? We returned to that battle of versions, which has since become a forgone conclusion between the parties.

The version of Ironi Kiryat Shmona
It all started with Hapoel B.S.’s announcement that, despite advancing to the cup finals and a top spot, the team decided not to continue with Elisha Levy next season. A few moments after that, the owner of Kiryat Municipal issued his own announcement in which he accuses the coach, Barak Bacher, of offering himself to the runner-up behind me Gobo and after he closed his terms. Following this, Sharetzki fired him immediately and announced the appointment of the youth coach Saleh Hasramah for the next season.

In a message written on the team’s official website, Shirtzky reveals his version of the events of the months leading up to the drama: “About three months ago (approximately), Barak Becher informed the chairman of KS, Izzy Shirtsky, that he wanted to leave the team next season for another team. During this period , Barak Becher together with his agent, his uncle Dahan, tried to look for a team for him for the next season. When he could not find a team that would guarantee him a contract during that period, Becher returned to Shirtzky, apologized for asking to leave and asked to sign with the club for another season. Although he was not satisfied with the coach’s actions, Shirtzky accepted Becher’s apology and agreed with him on continuing his work at the club next season.”

“Last Tuesday, the owner of Hapoel BS, Alona Barkat, turned to Shirtsky with the question: ‘Can she close with Becher for the next season, this after she claims that a person on behalf of the coach contacted her on the matter?” Bachar’s agent, Dodo Dahan. When this fact became clear, Shirtzky informed Barakat that he did not know whether she would take Becher for the next season or not, but with him a coach who agrees on a contract for the next season and turns behind his back to another team can no longer work at the club.”

“Therefore this morning (Thursday) Shiretzky informed Becher that he is stopping his work at the club as of today, this is because the competition for second place in the league against Hapoel BS (Becher’s next team) is at its peak, which creates a clear conflict of interest,” Schertsky wrote.

Elisha received a message that he was leaving before the cup final (Alan Shiver)

The version of Hapoel B.S
Days before an explosion on the net, Alona Barkat received messages from Barak Becher’s agent, Dodo Dahan, that she has the option of joining Kiryat Shmona’s coach next season. Barkat hears the words and responds: “I don’t intend to negotiate with you (Uncle Dahan) and certainly not with Becher, until I speak with Izzy Sheretzky.”

Officials at the BS at the time were sure that the owner’s move was the most ethical she could have done. “As soon as Alona heard that Barak Becher was interested in coming to Be’er Sheva, the first thing she did was contact Izzy,” they said. The president of the BS knew that Barak Becher had verbally agreed before several months with Sharetzki about extending his contract for another season and therefore wanted to check with the owner of Kiryat Shmona, whether he is even aware of the information she received.

According to the BS personnel at the time, Barkat indicated to Izzy that she did not manage and that she did not intend to negotiate with Bacher until she received Sharetzky’s approval. By the way, until this moment there had been no conversation between Barkat and Bacher regarding his employment for the next season. BS claims Shaschertsky received the information in complete shock and informed Barakat that she was allowed to negotiate with Bacher for the simple reason that from this moment on the coach was fired from his position at KSH.

The real problem from Barkat’s point of view, started right after Saratsky gave the green light. The powerful man in Kiryat Shmona informed Barakat that he intends to publish the information about Becher’s dismissal, including the reasons for his dismissal, on Thursday. Barkat asked to postpone the publication until after the cup final, but Sharetzky answered in the negative.

At this point Barkat had no choice. The last thing she wanted was for Elisha Levy, whom she appreciates and respects, to hear about her desire to include Bachar at his expense, through a message from Kiryat Shmona.

“Alona simply wanted to act according to the accepted codes in the world and contact Kiryat Shmona’s owner first before she starts negotiating with the coach. Unfortunately, she did not imagine that things would turn out that way,” said a source in the team at the time.

Barak Becher version
Barak Becher told his version of the events days later in Sha’ar HaShabbat. “For three days I have been reading, hearing and seeing all the criticisms towards me. We have heard one side, I will voice my side of the story. There are some things I need to clarify. I very much respect the place I am in. 11 years it has not come like this. There are a few points that they didn’t come up and not everyone knows,” Becher opened his version and added: “Two months ago I sat down with Izzy and told him that I was interested in moving forward, that I was looking for the next challenge. Soccer is a fluid thing and things have changed. The team was in a worse situation and I decided that I would stay. However, All the way Izzy told me that if there was an offer from a big team, he would release me. Yes, after we agreed on another season.”


“Izzy told me that he offered me to Yaakov Shahar and Alona Barkat. Last Sunday he told me that if Alona turned to him, he would gladly release me,” Bacher surprised. “There is someone who represents me and knows that I had the option of leaving, he conveyed this message to Be’er Sheva. At that moment, Alona turned to Izzy in a gentlemanly manner, she did nothing behind my back. My agent realized that there was going to be a change in the BS and he referred the matter Lalona It’s appropriate for Alona to come and talk to Izzy as much as she wants and that’s what happened.”

“We’ve been together for so many years, it’s a relationship he’s not used to. I understand he’s hurt,” the fired coach addressed the personal aspect in front of Izzy Sharetzky. “Things got blown out of proportion. I’m at peace with my conduct. I wanted to go and move forward. A window of opportunity was created, it’s not something that was planned in advance. Izzy could also have said he wasn’t releasing and everything would have remained the same. I didn’t come here to air dirty laundry. I had a very good time in Ksh. Until now, I have had no contact with any person at B.S.H. I want to coach there, it’s a big club. Currently there is no contact, but I believe there will be in the future. I really want to be there.”

After that, Sheretzky responded to Becher’s words, and again, he didn’t mince words. “It’s a lie, I don’t know where he came up with it. In the middle of the season he decided he wasn’t going to continue, when he decided to leave in the middle of the season I agreed that he would go, but the teams didn’t want him.” , Sharetzky explained, “When Barak saw that he would remain bald, then he decided to return. CEO Yossi Adri convinced me to bring him back because he was looking for a living and couldn’t find it. I didn’t want him to remain bald in all directions.”

As far as Sheretzky was concerned, Bacher’s problem was in the policy he set for the next season: “I told him that I was reducing the team’s budget and was going to build on youth players, at least 5 would go to seniors. We agreed that we would talk last Monday, but he didn’t talk to me. I met Alona Barkat at the association and she asked me If it is possible to contact him. I thought to myself, if he didn’t call me, then surely there is already a negotiation. Alona admitted that she met with his uncle Dahan and then I immediately told her that he was fired. I don’t keep people who go behind my back. I told him that if he wanted I would contact Alona For him, but only for him to tell me.”

“As soon as he approached her behind my back, can he be my coach?” added Sharetzky who claimed that Bacher owed him his career, “I forced Ran Ben Shimon to take him because he had nothing to eat. I expect the people I work with to be honest with me , how can I keep it in the system?”. For three years I fixed the composition for Bacher. In the beginning I set everything for him and in the end less. I think something is wrong so I intervene. He determined the lineup, I was the one who gave the comments – that’s the reality. In recent times, I had almost nothing to say to him.”

Izzy Sheretzky blew up the affair (Alan Shiver)

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