Mintzberg dropped the lawsuit against the outgoing owners


Gidi Lipkin 05/13/2023 1:30 p.m

Hapoel Tel Aviv players (Hagi Michaeli)

After the new owners of Hapoel Tel Aviv, the Mintzberg Group, filed a lawsuit with the economic department of the Tel Aviv District Court against the club’s outgoing owners claiming to spread debts to the National Insurance after the transfer of control of the group at the beginning of June, it turns out that the lawsuit was canceled.

It should be noted that according to the outgoing Hapoel Tel Aviv owners, to this day they have not received the lawsuit that was submitted to the court and read about it in ONE after we exposed it. It also appears that in all the due diligence that the incoming Hapoel Tel Aviv owners did, they knew that the team would end up with A financial deficit due to the radius penalties that cost the team about two million shekels and not advancing to the top playoffs, which is an additional damage of about three million shekels.

In Hapoel Tel Aviv, as I recall, they wanted to sell El Yam Kanzpolski to Maccabi Haifa. The team agreed on all the terms, and this was even before the Mintzberg Group announced that it was buying the team definitively. Before signing with the Greens, Boaz Toshav asked to inform the Mintzberg Group and although they did not They should have done this, Hapoel Tel Aviv announced their intention to sell it. The Mintzberg team asked for all the information about the player and asked not to sell him.

El Yam Kanzpolsky (Radad Jabara)

In Hapoel, where they knew that he was responsible for covering the financial deficit, they responded to the Mintzberg group’s request, but at the same time, after the talks with Boaz, a resident who conducted all the negotiations with the Americans on behalf of the owners of Hapoel Tel Aviv, sent an email in early January to the other owners of Hapoel Tel Aviv, when according to a conversation It was agreed between him and David Mintzberg that as long as the financial deficit does not exceed a total of about seven million shekels, the outgoing owners will be able to use the amount of about two million dollars placed in trust by the new owners.

Although they could have done so, the outgoing group owners have so far not used the trust funds. Boaz Toshav’s document indicates more than anything else that the Mintzberg group was well aware of the group’s financial situation. By the way, according to the contract, if they used the trust funds, they had the right to dilute the shares of the departing Hapoel Tel Aviv owners.

Boaz Toshav (Shahar Gross)

As far as the team’s outgoing owners are concerned, complaints about a poor financial situation are heard in closed conversations: “In light of the fact that there is a lot of money that the team needs to receive for players who have already been sold in the coming months, they are leaving a team in excellent financial condition with a number of anchors who can sell them for quite a bit of money “.