European Championship in 470 boats: 10th place for Hassan and Lasri

Esi Maman | 05/20/2023 15:28
Nitai Hason and Noa Laseri (Nicus albromitis)

Six grueling days of competition in the European Championship in sailing 470 boats ended, when the Israeli team of Nitai Hasson and Noa Lasri qualified for the medal sailing and finished in tenth place. The second Israeli team in the competition, Gil Cohen and Liam Peitlevich competed in the Silver House and finished the championship in 28th place.

The team, entering the medal race from eighth place, knew they would not be able to reach the podium, but hoped to improve their overall position in the championship with a good last race. Unfortunately for them, their weak start at the starting line caused them to chase the other boats throughout the cruise and finally finish in tenth place.

The incoming European champions are Anton Dolberg and Visa Karlsson from Sweden, who won the competition by only one point, ahead of the duo of Simone Dietsch and Anna Markfort from Germany, who settled for the silver medal.

“We set a goal for ourselves to enter the medal cruises and I am happy that we were able to meet it,” he said Nitai At the end of the cruise. Noah She added: “Our goal right now is to reach a high level of preparedness for the World Championships this August, where the first quotas for the Olympic Games will be distributed. We are definitely showing capabilities that will allow us to be among the top ten there as well, and guarantee Israel the ticket with a high level of certainty.”