“Maccabi cannot afford not to win the league”

Assi Maman and Raz Amir 05/20/2023 18:34
Avi Nemani (Lilach Weiss-Rosenberg)

The former star of Maccabi Tel Aviv, the commentator and the player’s agent My father Nemani He was interviewed as part of the season selection ceremony of ONE and the players’ organization. He spoke about the club’s parting ways, the future of Aitor Karanka, the violence and the necessary changes in the Yellows’ squad.

Nemani opened his words by cheering Tamm and crowning his player of the season: “Sharon made a big revolution in Maccabi Tel Aviv in terms of marketing and merchandising, she broke all sales records and did a great job. My player of the season is Chiron Sherry, you see what happens when he is not playing and what happens when he is on the field. He always arrives at money time and excels in the team’s worst moments. Maccabi Haifa without him is a completely different team.”

Nemani analyzed the last season of Maccabi Tel Aviv and commented on the violence on the courts: “Maccabi did not really fight for the championship this season and that is a kind of disappointment. Regarding the violence on the courts, a special unit with intelligence should be established to combat violence in sports. Marking problematic fans, face shots, knowing who is going to confront whom already before. I feel in recent years that the fight against violence in sports is only about

Avi Namani (Haggai Michaeli)

On the future of Aitor Karanka, Nemani said: “I don’t agree with people who drop some sort of case on him, he arrived in January and after a week they took away the best player in the league without bringing him an adequate replacement, no other coach would have spent more than he spent. It is good for Maccabi that Karanka will continue, the team has changed quite a few coaches in the last three years and it needs to create stability. Karanka already knows the team, it will take a new coach a lot of time to learn the staff and players, on the other hand, Karanka has been here for four months, he knows who he wants and who he doesn’t want next season.”

Regarding the next season of the Yellows, he added: “Next season is a very significant crossroads for Maccabi, it requires changes in the attitude of the Israelis as well as in the attitude of the foreigners, it has been three years that Maccabi has not competed for the championship, it needs to do the right things and change because at the moment it is not visible Good. The bar of expectations is high, anything beyond a championship fight until the last minute will be a failure. Maccabi cannot afford a fourth year in a row not to take a championship with the highest budget in the league. I believe that the team will strengthen significantly and fight seriously for the championship”.

Avi Nemani (Itzik Blanitsky)