Without legs…a young Saudi runner sits on the sidewalk selling tea

Without legs…a young Saudi runner sits on the sidewalk selling tea
Without legs…a young Saudi runner sits on the sidewalk selling tea

a runner and finally a tea seller

Al Arabiya.net – Majid Al-Hattab

Published in: May 12, 2023: 12:57 PM GST
Last updated: May 12, 2023: 01:53 PM GST

He came to life without legs, but his love for sports did not prevent him from participating in races for people of determination in Saudi Arabia and abroad, winning many medals, after he was able to install artificial limbs, to live his life and achieve his ambitions.

The 35-year-old Hussein Al-Huwaikim’s passion for sports began at the age of two. When he got a little older, he started playing soccer professionally with his prostheses, crowding out healthy people in the rectangular green.

Al-Juwaisem between his childhood and his ambitions

He also used to play volleyball, running and other sports.

Saudi team

In his interview with Al-Arabiya.net, he considered that his love for sports is a blessing bestowed upon him by God. He added that in his childhood he was staring at the stadium in his neighborhood, and watching the players compete with each other, so he was overwhelmed with an overwhelming desire to experiment.


Then that little boy decided to challenge the most powerful players, and this was already achieved after he played in the Saudi national team for people with disabilities in volleyball.

Then he participated in several local football tournaments. He also ran a 5-kilometer race in Al-Ahsa, a 10-kilometer race in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and a 5-kilometer race in Kuwait and the Qatif region.

However, the living conditions did not help the young man, who collected medals and achievements testifying to his rich sports career, despite his disability.

“Needs support and panic”

What compelled him to sit on the side of the famous road between the farms of Al-Ahsa “opposite Al-Shaharin Cemetery” selling tea and Karak, which he makes himself, to passers-by, in search of a job that would generate money for him and his family.

His photos have spread widely in the recent period on the communication sites, so many customers and photo lovers flocked to him as well

Many Saudis on Twitter praised Al-Huwaikim, who set an example of persistence, determination and facing challenges

While others called for his help, and some of them wrote: “A man of determination stands in front of the Al-Shaharin cemetery in Al-Ahsa in order to support his family.. He needs support and panic, O people of Al-Ahsa and the Eastern Province, and he is not a stranger to you!”

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