Who can threaten Noa Kirel? Review of the Eurovision final songs

Who can threaten Noa Kirel? Review of the Eurovision final songs
Who can threaten Noa Kirel? Review of the Eurovision final songs

The two semi-finals are behind us, and we have arrived at the most important evening of the week, the Eurovision final! After reviewing all the competing songs, it remains to review the ones that are already waiting for us in the final.

A few words to explain why there are automatically six songs in the final: the Eurovision contest has five central countries that finance the contest – France, Great Britain, Germany, Spain and Italy, on which the entire Eurovision contest is also based, thanks to the famous San Remo festival. In addition to these five, there is of course the winning country from last year, Ukraine.

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Come and find out what awaits us:


France is a strong country in Eurovision, if you look at the first four decades of the competition. She has five wins in first place, only the last one was in 1977 and since then they have been trying without success. Two years ago they were close with a wonderful French chanson and this year they again send a song in an authentic French style. The singer La Zarra is full of style, with a wonderful voice, standing alone on the stage and you really don’t need more than that. In the betting she came in fourth place, but after the position of the song was revealed she dropped to sixth place, since the performance just doesn’t look good.


This year the German representation is the glam-metal band Lord Of The Lost, who will perform a rock song in the finale, with sawing guitars, shouts and fireworks. The source of the song may have been the Finnish winner in 2006, “Hard Rock Hallelujah” with the monster band Lordi, but here it is a much worse song. Germany is not expected to succeed tonight.


This is my favorite country in the history of the competition and in my eyes most of its songs are excellent, as is the song of the year. The singer, Marco Mangoni, already represented Italy in 2013 and finished in 7th place, this time his song is much better and should be in the top 5 at least, not sure if he will be successful in this particular year, but top 10 I definitely expect him to be.



Spain is riding on the waves of success from last year, where it only came in third place, but for most fans it is last year’s winner. You have to understand that this country is more familiar with the 20th places and below in recent years and for it the third place is a real victory. So this year they try again and send an authentic Spanish song, in the flamenco style, and about its quality? Here it depends who you ask. The division ranges between “qualitative perfection” for some enthusiasts, compared to “horror of an inaudible world” for the rest. By the way, I am one of the fans of the second part and I have a very hard time with the song. At the same time, the performance of singer Blanca Pluma is mesmerizing and her vocal abilities are impressive. The judges will surely be impressed and she will reach high.


Last year’s winner still enjoys the political advantage of the war with Russia and is ranked third in the betting. In my opinion she will indeed finish in the top ten songs but not that high. The country is represented this year by the duo TVORCHI, their song also of course has messages that strengthen the Ukrainian people and their resilience against Putin, but it is not impressive enough to win again.


The host, named the winner, reached the very respectable second place last year, especially since it, like Spain, is mostly familiar with the bottom of the table in recent decades. When their song was revealed this year, high hopes were placed on it. It’s a bouncy and cool song that in the studio is fun and great, but when you get to live, the singer Mia Müller just nails it, there’s no other way to say it. So even though she is currently high in the stakes, she will not finish there under any circumstances.

So we have a long and mostly enjoyable evening ahead of us, we are keeping our fingers crossed for our Noa and it is quite possible that we will celebrate a fifth win, which is for sure the Israelis are satisfied with an impressive representation and the fans of real prey like Aviv Lahav, the fan who sent us the following photo of his preparations for the final. Good luck Noa!!

Aviv Lahav in the unicorn outfit (photo: Private)