The arrest of an American who asked on Facebook, “Why am I wanted?”


Reyes while undergoing a trial in previous cases (archive)

Saturday 13 May 2023 / 12:39

A woman, who had been arrested 7 times for drink-driving, returned to the police station again on Friday after leaving a comment on Facebook responding to a media story.

And the “Class TV” website stated that Marion Reyes (35 years old) left a comment on the channel’s Facebook page, asking them about the reason that prompted them to publish a security report asking for help in finding her.
A security source said that Reyes turned herself in to the Las Vegas Metro Police yesterday evening directly.


The company issued an alert on Thursday about Reyes’ arrest, after the latter allegedly removed her GPS bracelet and missed an appointment in a police drink-driving program.
Reyes had left a comment on Facebook saying, “I did not cut it at all! A police officer cut it when I turned myself in, and later they released me.”

This comment prompted a response from the police service page to the same comment, saying, “Marion Reyes, why don’t you turn yourself in now? .. Let’s arrange things and clarify issues tonight.”

Criminal records showed Reyes was arrested 21 times, including re-arrests, before she appeared in prison. Reyes was previously arrested on drunk driving charges in April 2007, September 2010, April 2019, February 2020 and July 2020.