With the documents.. Who leads Zamalek in the event of the departure of Mortada Mansour and the Council


The board of directors of the Zamalek club threatened to leave collectively, against the background of the implementation of the ruling to dismiss President Mortada Mansour from his position on the board.

And the Ministry of Youth and Sports announced the implementation of the judicial ruling related to the removal of Mortada Mansour from his position as president of Zamalek Club.

The Board of Directors refuses to implement the ruling on the grounds that Mortada Mansour filed an appeal before the Supreme Administrative Court.

And the board of directors of Zamalek threatened, in a press conference held yesterday, Thursday, with a collective departure in the event that the decision to remove Mortada was implemented in what is known as a “power vacuum.”

And determines Article 14 of the guiding regulations that govern Zamalek and is an integral part of Sports Law No. 71 of 2017, which determines who leads Al-Abyad, as a temporary committee is formed consisting of the executive director, financial director, director of sports activity, or whoever carries out their work, to handle the affairs of the club and call for the election of a new council At the first Ordinary General Assembly meeting.


Ehab El-Sayed Khader occupies the position of Acting Executive Director, and Tarek Abaza holds the position of Director of Sports Activity.

The reference for appointing a temporary council is currently different from the previous committee that was appointed in 2020, which was formed from a group of judges, as the Minister of Sports formed this committee, based on the Zamalek regulations before stopping work on it and returning to the guiding regulations to be the constitution of the White Club.


The Administrative Court of the State Council ruled that Mortada Mansour’s capacity as president of the Zamalek club be removed, and that the position of the club’s chairman of the board of directors be considered vacant, with the obligation of the board of directors to call for the election of a president for the club in the nearest general assembly.

And the Ministry published an official statement in which it said: “Youth and Sports issued its executive decision No. 500 of 2023 to implement the ruling issued by the Administrative Court considering the position of president of the Zamalek Club vacant, and assigned the Directorate of Youth and Sports in Giza to implement it.”



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