Lebanon bids farewell to former minister and writer Sajaan Azzi (photos)


Lebanon bid farewell to the former minister and fellow writer for “An-Nahar” newspaper, Sajaan Azzi, “the man of dialogue” and the deep and elegant word, by praying for his comfort in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Gifts – Adma, headed by the Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Mar Beshara Boutros Al-Rahi, before his body was transferred to his hometown in Al-Aqiba.

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Azzi was born in the town of Okiba – Fotouh Keserwan on November 6, 1952. He is married to Dania Halim Baroud and they have two twin daughters, Aud and Joy.

A boy joined the Kataeb Party and fought in its ranks, and rose through the ranks of the party until he assumed the position of deputy head of the party.

He ran for the parliamentary elections for the district of Keserwan-Jbeil in 2009 and won a high percentage of votes, but he did not succeed in reaching the parliamentary symposium.

Appointed Minister of Labor for the Kataeb in Prime Minister Tammam Salam’s government, from 15-02-2014 to 18-12-2016.


He continued studying political and administrative sciences at the Jesuit Saint Joseph University, while working as a journalist in a number of media institutions, such as Al-Amal newspaper mainly, in addition to Lebanon TV (the French channel), Al-Jarida newspaper, and the magazines Al-Jadeed and Al-Magazine. .

He headed the news department at “Voice of Lebanon” Radio in 1975, before founding “Free Lebanon” Radio in 1978 and managing it until 1986.

In Paris, he issued the MIB publication in French, which was concerned with strategic affairs in the Middle East. Then, in 1986, he founded the “General Organization for Studies and Consultations” SOGETCO, which works in the field of political and economic risks, in Paris.

He is the author of four books: “Chapters of Lebanon’s History, from the Phoenicians to the Crusaders”, “Politics Plus History”, “Lebanon and the Middle East between Caesarean section and Euthanasia” and “Changing Regimes and Revolutions”. He has in press a book on Fakhr al-Din II the Great and another on the Mamluk and Ottoman periods. In addition to dozens of lectures in universities and forums in Lebanon, Europe and America.

In recent years, he devoted himself to political writing and published a weekly article in An-Nahar. He also worked with a number of media outlets and undertook many advisory missions, from President Bashir Gemayel to President Amin Gemayel to Patriarch Al-Rahi.