A senior officer in the Gaza Division: foiled the firing of an anti-tank missile into Israeli territory


Operation “Shield and Arrow” – the fifth day: Lt. Col. E., commander of the fire center of the Gaza Division, said today (Saturday) in a briefing for military reporters that so far Israel has hit eight squads that were on their way to fire rockets, anti-tank missiles or carry out an attack, reducing by 50% the organization’s ability to fire Mortars into Israeli territory. 17 activists were attacked, as well as 18 mortar launchers.

Operation “Shield and Arrow” – coverage N12

“On the first day, we thwarted the firing of an anti-tank missile in the southern sector near Rafah into Israeli territory,” the official revealed. “Using unmanned aircraft and together with accurate intelligence, we follow the operatives and know in which areas to look for the terrorist operatives, and then attack them.”

According to him, “the importance is the ability to react very quickly, a few minutes before the target disappears.” Lt. Col. E. also said that “most of the operatives who were eliminated came from mortar squads, but we also acted against rocket launchers. We saw activists coming to load rockets or start timers.”


Thwarting a squad of TMAS operatives | Photo: IDF spokesman

In the shadow of the reports of a ceasefire, both the shooting and the IDF attacks in Gaza continue all the time. Earlier the IDF bombed houses of Jihad operatives that were converted into headquarters. In the last barrage to the Gaza Strip, 3 shrapnel wounded in Shokada – two seriously and one moderately, following a rocket that fell in an open area.

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